As long as I can go out, I may be able to catch a glance of Lianchen from the crowd.


“You seem to be as excited as a monkey that has been let out of its cage after hearing that you can go out. It’s like you can’t wait to go out and climb trees.” Pei Qianhao saw the glint of excitement in Su Xi-er’s eyes.


Using that kind of metaphor… Although she was tempted to retort, Su Xi-er’s joy was such that she was fine with letting him say whatever he wanted. She even thanked Pei Qianhao before heading to the kitchen to have breakfast.


After making some preparations, Su Xi-er headed out the door. Having already received Prince Hao’s orders, the imperial guard at the gate didn’t block her.


After she left, Su Xi-er walked towards the street that carriages from the imperial palace had to take in order to reach the temple.


The street was already packed with pedestrians by the time she got there, leaving Su Xi-er to wade through the ocean of people in her blue dress.


She was hopeful, hoping to see Lianchen just once. At least let me know if Lianchen is doing well.


“Coming through!”


“The horse carriage from the imperial palace is here.”


A rough voice could be heard. It was a person with a very loud voice.


“Hehe, I heard that the Emperor is going up the mountain with the Prince Regent to pray at the temple!”


“I don’t know if this year’s state banquet will be successful. After all, there is someone missing from Nanzhao!”


“Shut up, you can’t mention that unless you want to be beheaded!” Someone immediately stopped the burly fellow who said that.


Su Xi-er listened quietly from the side. She knew that mentioning anything to do with Ning Rulan during the state banquet would probably cost a person their head.


Not long after, another voice called out. “The horse carriage from the imperial palace is coming over! Everyone, look!”


Su Xi-er’s heart tightened as she looked through the crowd. Lianchen is inside the horse carriage. Will I be able to see Lianchen through the curtain gap?


The horse carriage and entourage were soon in front of the crowd. When they passed in front of Su Xi-er, a gentle gaze glanced at her.


Su Xi-er raised her head and looked; it was Yun Ruofeng.


She was clad in a plain blue dress today, and looked especially beautiful in the crowd. Yun Ruofeng looked at her without any expression before immediately turning his gaze away.


At this moment, a luxurious and spacious horse carriage began to pass by. Su Xi-er’s heart tightened. That horse carriage...


Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew up the curtain of the horse carriage, revealing Ning Lianchen sitting inside.


Ning Lianchen’s expression was full of calmness; with his eyes staring straight ahead, he even seemed to be a lot more mature.


That is my little brother. It’s as if he has forgotten how to be happy after being forced to grow up all of a sudden. She couldn’t see his expression clearly, but could tell just by seeing him that he was emanating an aura of sadness. He used to love talking to me, laughing and smiling all the while...


Inside the horse carriage, Ning Lianchen’s heart suddenly jumped as if he had been shocked. Inexplicably, his gaze went towards the window of the carriage.


But of course, he was disappointed when he didn’t see anyone, his heart feeling a little empty.


I clearly felt Imperial Elder Sister’s gaze from the crowd just now, but when I turned my head, there was nothing at all.


Ning Lianchen laughed at himself. I am thinking too much; how can Imperial Elder Sister be in the crowd? I’m the only one left in this world. The reason that I can live until now is all because of my hatred.


What Ning Lianchen didn’t know was that his Imperial Elder Sister was indeed watching him from the crowd. It was just that he didn’t see her!


The entourage passed by quickly, and the street was soon cleared up.


After watching the entourage pass, Su Xi-er spotted Piao Xu in the crowd.


Did Ning Anlian leave the palace? Su Xi-er wondered. Piao Xu also coincidentally noticed her at this time, giving her a glance before turning away and entering a restaurant.


At this moment, Ning Anlian was sitting in the restaurant and sipping a cup of tea.

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