“Oh? Prince Hao, you’re scared that this servant will run off?”


Pei Qianhao’s face became dark when he heard Su Xi-er ‘s words, his face darkening and the temperature around him dropping. “Just put it on when I tell you to! Why are you asking so much nonsense?”


Su Xi-er bowed. “This servant will go and change in my room.”


Before she could leave, Pei Qianhao stretched out his hand and blocked her. “Change here. This Prince wants to see it immediately.” He naturally had his reasons for this. I’ve been searching for clothes that would match her aura ever since we have arrived in Nanzhao. The usual blue, green, pink, and yellow dresses don’t match her at all, so perhaps this purple one will be more suitable.


Su Xi-er saw the determination in his eyes and reminded, “Prince Hao, please turn around so that this servant can change.”


He turned around without objection. I told her to change here to see the results, not because I want to watch her change. That said, it wouldn’t be bad to do so either.


Su Xi-er took the dress to the corner and immediately got changed. After tidying it up a bit, she called out to him. “Prince Hao.”


Clad in purple, Su Xi-er’s aura was completely brought out. She looked noble, pure, and alluring at the same time. At this moment, Su Xi-er was like a blossoming Purple Fragrance flower; unique and fragrant, along with being pure and unreachable. 


The unique aura on her sometimes surprised Pei Qianhao. After all, who would expect a palace maid to possess the same disposition as Prince Hao?


Pei Qianhao was stunned looking at the Su Xi-er in front of him.


Indeed, the purple dress suits her! My efforts haven’t been wasted.


“Not bad, it suits you. Take the dress that you had on with you. In three days time, you will wear this dress to accompany this Prince to Nanzhao’s state banquet.”


Su Xi-er followed his instructions, picked up the dress, and began to head towards her own room. On the way back, she kept wondering if Pei Qianhao was taking her to Nanzhao’s state banquet purely on a whim.


It wasn’t long before the news that the state banquet would be occurring in three days spread throughout the commoners.


On that day, both the Prince Regent Yun Ruofeng and the Emperor Ning Lianchen had to complete prayers at the temple.


Once night fell, there would be an enormous banquet for court officials, as well as the rulers and commanders of other nations. Wei Mohai would be responsible for the security of the entire event and the deployment of the imperial guards. 


The entire capital was bustling and solemn at the same time. Each family also hung Reineckea Grass[1], or Ashitaba Grass[2] to pray for Nanzhao.


Both Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao had already heard the news when they were in the horse carriage. However, Su Xi-er was focused on something else. If we go up the mountain during the day, the imperial household will definitely come along with us. Will I be lucky enough to see Lianchen if I look on from the crowd?


Three days passed by very quickly. On the morning of the banquet, Su Xi-er brought Pei Qianhao some breakfast as usual.


“You have been well-behaved for the past three days; very obedient.” Pei Qianhao paused and glanced at Su Xi-er with his deep eyes before continuing. “This Prince will go up the mountain and pray at the temple along with the other nobles this afternoon. The street is bustling right now, so this Prince will allow you to go out for a stroll as a reward for behaving these past few days. Just remember to return on time.”


Pei Qianhao wanted Su Xi-er to remember to come back on time as there was still the state banquet at night.


Su Xi-er had to check that she hadn’t heard him incorrectly. She had originally thought that she would have to go to great pains to get Pei Qianhao to allow her to go out.

1. It literally translates to ‘auspicious grass’.

2. It means ‘longevity grass’ when translated from Chinese literally.

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