Su Xi-er poured some tea for Née Li and Xiaobao, refraining from asking about their current situation.


Née Li opened her mouth. “Miss, it’s all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you…” Née Li choked up and couldn’t continue, raising her sleeve to wipe away her tears. On the side, Xiaobao softly patted Née Li’s arm.


Née Li looked at Xiaobao with an appreciating glance and continued, “Zhang Zhuang betrayed me. Although I don’t have the heart to watch him die, I will never forgive him!”


Née Li looked a bit emotional. I loved Zhang Zhuang deeply, but as I aged, I could not compete with his love of money.


“What are you planning to do next?” Su Xi-er looked at the mother and son calmly. She originally thought that Née Li would be too soft-hearted and fall for Zhang Zhuang’s tricks again.


“I plan to leave Moon County with Xiaobao. I won’t let Zhang Zhuang bother us again.” Née Li rubbed Xiaobao’s head with her eyes full of determination.


Xiaobao is the most important right now.


Su Xi-er thought that Née Li had made the correct decision. At the very least, they won’t have to see Zhang Zhuang every day. Doing so would only make Née Li sad, after all, they were in love once-upon-a-time.


Pei Qianhao returned after the two chatted for a while.


Su Xi-er knew it was time to leave Moon County, so she collected her belongings and left Flowers Arrive Inn together with Pei Qianhao.


Née Li and Xiaobao immediately chased after them. Just before Su Xi-er got on the horse carriage, Née Li knelt down and kowtowed. “Many thanks to you, my saviour. I will remember your great kindness for a lifetime. After I die, I will ask Xiaobao to find you and serve you.”


Just when Su Xi-er was about to refuse, Pei Qianhao announced, “Beimin’s capital, Prince Hao Residence.”


Pei Qianhao hooked his arm around Su Xi-er’s waist after he finished speaking, not giving her a chance to reply as they boarded the horse carriage. It began moving shortly after.


Xiaobao was startled by Pei Qianhao’s aura and asked Née Li slowly. “Mum, what is Beimin’s Prince Hao Residence?”


Née Li immediately covered Xiaobao’s mouth with a nervous expression. “Don’t gossip casually, this is someone we can never offend in this lifetime, or even our next.”


However, Née Li already knew that although that young lady hadn’t accepted her words, Prince Hao had done so.


At this moment, Née Li pat Xiaobao’s head. “Xiaobao, we must be grateful people who return the favour after being helped.”


Xiaobao saw the hopes in Née Li’s eyes and nodded. “Mum, Xiaobao has remembered.”




With Su Xi-er unwilling to ask Pei Qianhao what he had said, the horse carriage was silent on the way back to Nanzhao’s capital.


After two hours, the horse carriage arrived at the capital and was travelling on the main street.


As the state banquet was close, the bustling main street was free of beggars.


Su Xi-er sat in the horse carriage and opened the curtains from time to time to look outside. The beggars have all been moved out, and all the beggars who pretended to be peddlers have also been taken away.


It looks like Yun Ruofeng thought twice about that method of dealing with the beggars. Did he set up some extra housing for them instead?


“What are you thinking about?” A deep voice could be heard.


She replied indifferently. “Prince Hao, Nanzhao’s capital is even more prosperous now compared to when we just came.”


Pei Qianhao raised his eyebrows and didn’t see any changes on Su Xi-er’s face. “The state banquet is close. Of course it will become more prosperous to show other nations the strength of this nation.”


“You’re right, Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er with a meaningful look. “Why are you so obedient today? Nanzhao’s state banquet is just something small; Beimin’s will be even more prosperous. Didn’t you hear about Beimin’s past state banquets from others in the Palace Side Quarters?”

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