This time, the madwoman became extremely queer and her eyes sparkled brightly. “Commandery Prince know him? Where is he?”


Old Maidservant Zhao gnashed her teeth in hatred. She regretted telling Su Xi-er to go to the woodhouse at the northwest corner. She had originally wanted to frighten her a little while she checked how things were going on He Ying’s side. If the Empress Dowager was adamant about killing Su Xi-er, she would join hands with He Ying and kill Su Xi-er in the woodhouse. 


That way, Su Xi-er would no longer be able to threaten her.


However, I didn’t expect that Liu Ye-er would run out.


“Commandery Prince Xie is naturally in the Commandery Prince Residence. You know him?” Su Xi-er spoke with a gentle tone and a smile on her face.


“I...I want to meet him so much. He doesn’t even know that I…”


Liu Ye-er hadn’t finished speaking before Old Maidservant Zhao knocked her head fiercely. “Don’t spout nonsense. We’re leaving!”


She didn’t allow Liu Ye-er the chance to speak anymore, proceeding to drag her away forcefully.


This time, Su Xi-er didn’t speak again but looked at their departing figures.


Why does Old Maidservant Zhao treat Liu Ye-er so differently? Her attitude is completely like a mother protecting her child. Is it possible that... 


Su Xi-er laughed. If that’s really true, Liu Ye-er offended Xie Yun, and is also related to Old Maidservant Zhao. Wouldn’t Xie Yun want to find trouble for Old Maidservant Zhao?


“You’re unexpectedly not scared at all by coming here.” The clear and mellow voice of a man suddenly sounded. It was not far away from behind Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er’s brow was knitted. Based on the voice, it’s the Third Imperial Prince.


Is he idle with nothing to do? He even came to the woodhouse at the northwest corner of the Palace Side Quarters.


“This servant pays her respect to the Third Imperial Prince.” Su Xi-er bent her knees and bowed, displaying respect and courtesy.


“When I speak to you, I have never addressed myself as, ‘this imperial prince’. You can also dispense with the formalities.” Situ Li was still donned in white clothes and he was carefully sizing Su Xi-er up.


“Third Imperial Prince, why did you come here?”


Situ Li’s expression was chilly but he joked, “If I say that I came specifically to see you, would you believe me?”


“This servant naturally wouldn’t believe that.”


“Are you so sure about that?” Situ Li raised his hand, almost touching her face.


Su Xi-er took a step back. “Do you know why Old Maidservant Zhao told me to come to this woodhouse?”


“She’s telling you not to forge connections with puissant patronages.” Situ Li’s clear and cold voice escaped from his lips.


It looks like he is aware of the matter regarding Liu Ye-er. However, He Ying previously mentioned that the Third Imperial Prince had just returned to the imperial palace recently.


He’s far away in the county city, yet is so clear about matters of the imperial palace. Is it because it involves Commandery Prince Xie?”


“Su Xi-er, women who are beautiful and intelligent don’t live long in the imperial palace.” Situ Li placed his hand down and softly muttered.


“This servant is stupid and doesn’t understand what you mean, Third Imperial Prince.”


“Pretending to be foolish.” Situ Li actually laughed before turning around and heading towards the woodhouse.


Strange. For what purpose did the Third Imperial Prince come to the abandoned woodhouse in the Palace Side Quarters?


Su Xi-er was puzzled and followed him in. 


She saw him sweep his eyes over the old items before going to rummage through the cupboard as if he was searching for something.


Finally, he came to the wooden table and looked at the words on it.


“Ye-er,” he read in a low voice.


‘Ye-er’ was the name carved on the wooden table. Su Xi-er immediately continued, “This ‘Ye-er’ is referring to Liu Ye-er, the palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters. Third Imperial Prince, you are curious about her?”


“She’s a mere palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters with no special traits at all. She’s not worthy for me to be curious.”


“Then what did you come here for tonight, Third Imperial Prince?”


Situ Li raised his head to look at her. “I came to see you but you didn’t believe me.”


“This servant is also a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters with no special traits. Third Imperial Prince, you shouldn’t be curious.”


She felt that there was an overtone in the Third Imperial Prince’s words, but she was unable to discern it at this point and guess his reason for doing this.


“Your words just now are already enough to prove that you stand out from the rest.”

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