The woman’s unkempt hair swept over her dirt-covered face, her dress in a similar state of disrepair. Upon catching sight of Su Xi-er, she froze in surprise for a moment before raising her hand and shouting loudly, “!”

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Su Xi-er kicked the burning firewood away with one swift motion, causing it to roll a few times before the sparks were gradually extinguished.


“You came to set fire to the shed with such low skills?”


The woman could hear the contempt in Su Xi-er’s words and widened her eyes. “Everyone who comes here has to die, especially women who are beautiful! You won’t be able to escape, won’t be able to escape…”


As if the woman had gone deranged, her eyes carried a distracted expression, and her body prostrated on the ground while her fingers dug into the ground continuously. Her appearance was that of a madwoman.


Su Xi-er knew that her original plan of interrogating the woman was impossible with the latter’s current state. Let alone questioning her, even holding a normal conversation with her would be impossible. 


Suddenly, some hasty footsteps could be heard ahead. She looked in the direction of the sound and saw that it was Old Maidservant Zhao who was visibly flustered.


When she saw the insane woman, her expression immediately relaxed as she heaved a long sigh of relief.


“Quickly go back! You actually secretly slipped out! Do you not want your life anymore?” Old Maidservant Zhao chided in a stern voice.


The madwoman trembled and revealed a fearful expression. “I don’t want to go back. That place is so dark.”


“You don’t want to go back but stay in this woodhouse instead?” Old Maidservant Zhao walked towards the madwoman. She grabbed her ear and pulled her forward.


Su Xi-er was perplexed. Generally speaking, Old Maidservant Zhao should find such a sordid woman distasteful. Why did she personally use her hand to grab her ear? Furthermore, Old Maidservant Zhao’s expression wasn’t quite right when she first found the woman either.


When she saw that Old Maidservant Zhao was about to leave, Su Xi-er immediately called out, “The madwoman plotted to harm me, yet you are leaving without giving me an explanation?”


Her voice was no longer weak, instead carrying a dignified tone to it.


Old Maidservant Zhao immediately stopped in her tracks, remembering the scene where she was ruthlessly flung onto the floor in Su Xi-er’s room.


“Old Maidservant Zhao, did you not understand me? Exactly whose side are you on right now?” Su Xi-er walked over step by step, her eyes as dazzling as the starlight.


“Miss He told me to give you hardships. That’s why I shut you in the woodhouse.”


Su Xi-er chuckled. “Is that so? Are you not going to explain about this woman who suddenly appeared?”


“I’m not a madwoman...I’m not!” The woman suddenly shrieked loudly. She pulled all her dishevelled hair behind her head and continuously touched her face.


Old Maidservant Zhao immediately hit her head. “Cover your face with your hair. If you run out in the future again, I’ll directly beat you to death!”


With the aid of the moonlight, Su Xi-er saw the madwoman’s face.


Although her face was very dirty, Su Xi-er could tell that as long as she cleaned herself and dressed up, the woman would be a clever beauty. 


The only beauty related to the woodhouse is Liu Ye-er.


Don’t tell me that this madwoman is Liu Ye-er? But isn’t Liu Ye-er already dead?


“Liu Ye-er?” Although it was a question, Su Xi-er purposely manipulated her tone to one of conviction so that it sounded more like a statement.


Right afterwards, she observed the expression in Old Maidservant Zhao’s eyes.


Panic flickered in the recesses of Old Maidservant Zhao’s eyes before they quickly returned to normal. “Liu Ye-er is already long dead. Don’t speak nonsense.”


Su Xi-er didn’t look at Old Maidservant Zhao. Her gaze landed on the madwoman, trying to sound her out by calling her name, “Liu Ye-er.”


A person’s name is a searing brand. Even if one goes mad, they would definitely have a reaction to their name.


As expected, the madwoman immediately raised her head with a trembling body.


Old Maidservant Zhao noticed that things felt wrong and immediately dragged the madwoman. “Let’s go, don’t stay here.”


“Liu Ye-er, do you know Xie Yun?” Su Xi-er asked again.

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