This was of course referring to what happened to Cui Hua near the Moon Lake.


“You want to thank this Prince? Alright, then offer yourself to this Prince as a gift.” Pei Qianhao moved closer to Su Xi-er and stretched his hand out to hook around her slender waist, his tone playful.


“Prince Hao, please look out for your image. This servant is just a lowly palace maid, I don’t have that kind of luck.” Nor do I want that kind of luck. Su Xi-er inwardly thought to herself but didn’t voice that out.


Su Xi-er narrowly dodged his hand, causing Pei Qianhao to stop talking altogether.


The horse carriage was once again silent, with Pei Qianhao leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.


“Prince Hao, we are here at Flowers Arrive Inn.” The imperial guard stopped the horse carriage and respectfully called. 


He didn’t dare to call too loudly. If I interrupt Prince Hao’s pleasant dream by being too loud, my head will probably be relocated.


Su Xi-er softly called inside the carriage. “Prince Hao, we are at Flowers Arrive Inn.”


Pei Qianhao’s eyes remained closed, and it wasn’t clear whether he was really asleep, or just pretending.


Just when Su Xi-er prepared to alight and wait quietly by the carriage, Pei Qianhao suddenly opened his eyes and slowly said, “You return to your cabin to rest. You don’t need to serve this Prince tonight.”


He directly left after speaking, not sparing her another glance.


Su Xi-er watched his back. Why is he suddenly saying that I don’t need to serve him tonight? A glint of confusion flickered across her eyes before she thought better of it and returned to her room to wash up.


The next day, Su Xi-er got up early and wore a plain coloured dress with a casually tied Round Bun, leaving the room after freshening up.


She had originally wanted to go to the back kitchen and bring Pei Qianhao some breakfast, but when she looked in the direction of his room, she saw that the door was fully open with nobody inside.


She then proceeded downstairs and saw the imperial guard still present as well. “Where did Prince Hao go this morning?”


The imperial guard replied, “Prince Hao went to Zhao’s Flower Shop by himself and didn’t let this subordinate follow him. You can try waiting here; Prince Hao will be back.”


Su Xi-er immediately understood that they would be leaving Moon County and returning to Nanzhao’s capital today. Pei Qianhao went to Zhao’s Flower Shop in the morning to collect the Lingrui Flowers that he ordered before.


Putting the matter behind her, she took the time to eat breakfast in the kitchen before packing up her clothes and personal effects.


Not long after, a wooden handcart full of the previously ordered Lingrui Flowers arrived at Flowers Arrive Inn. 


Yet, Pei Qianhao had yet to make his appearance. Just as Su Xi-er began to wonder where he was, Née Li and Xiaobao appeared.


When Née Li saw Su Xi-er, she took Xiaobao and walked up, taking a bag of something from her front pocket and passed it to Su Xi-er.


“Miss, we have nothing to repay your great kindness. You have already helped us so much ー we cannot accept these silvers.”


Su Xi-er pushed it back. “As mother and son, you two will need these silvers. No need to return them to me.”


Besides, those silvers were from Pei Qianhao, not me. Even if you wanted to return them, it wouldn’t be to me.


She knew that Pei Qianhao wouldn’t take things back after giving them away. The red Chinese bodice and pearl are still inside the wardrobe of the Beauty Palace.


After a few rounds of debate between the two, the silvers still ended up in Née Li’s hands.


Née Li was a bit embarrassed. I came here especially to return the silvers, but here they are in my hands. This defeats the purpose of me coming here today.


Su Xi-er went to the back kitchen and brought some refreshments to welcome Née Li and Xiaobao.

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