Cui Hua suspected that the woman in front of her had to be someone with a keen intellect. Although I haven’t told her anything, she can probably guess why I jumped into the lake.


“Cui Hua, mum knows that you have some difficulties, but you still need to live on even if Tie Niu doesn’t want you.” The old woman held her daughter’s hand with red eyes.


After a long while, Cui Hua slowly explained, “Mum, I won’t try to commit suicide ever again. I just can’t believe that after knowing each other since we were children, he would do something like leaving me pregnant without marrying. Just from this, I will be shunned by others.” Tears began to flow down her face as she finished speaking.


The old woman’s hands trembled when she heard this. Her expression had completely changed. My daughter is actually pregnant with Tie Niu’s child! The people in our village are conservative; how will we continue to live in the village if she’s pregnant?


It was evident that the old woman was stunned by her daughter’s words; however, she tried to change her expression as quickly as she could. She was afraid that her daughter would try to commit suicide again after seeing her.


Instead, she raised her hand to wipe away her daughter’s tears. “Your father died young, otherwise, he would definitely beat Tie Niu to death with that temper of his. Daughter, mum will always be with you whether you abort this child or keep this child. You mustn’t think about committing suicide ever again.” The old woman’s tone was full of fear. If my daughter passes away like this, I wouldn’t be able to live on either.


Looking at the mother-daughter pair, Su Xi-er slowly advised, “No matter what had happened, you need to look forward. Do you think this Tie Niu would be regretful, even if you had really died? It’s probably just the opposite. You can’t let someone who hurt you off so easily; but with your personality, you probably won’t look for trouble with him. However, as long as you live on, that will be enough to disgust Tie Niu.”


The night was silent, and Su Xi-er’s words flowed like an unending stream into everyone’s ears.


Each person’s expression was different; the old woman was stunned, Cui Hua was surprised, the imperial guard admired her, and Pei Qianhao was deep in thought.


After a while, Cui Hua nodded. Although there was still some sorrow in her eyes, a glimmer of hope could be seen peeking through. “You are right. If I don’t treat myself well, then I am using others’ mistakes to punish myself. I must live better, and I will give birth to this child. I will meet someone better in the future, someone who will accept myself and my child!”


The old woman felt relaxed, feeling that her daughter had slowly untied the knot in her heart.


“Remember what you said tonight.” That was Su Xi-er’s last sentence to Cui Hua before she returned to Pei Qianhao’s side.


Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er before boarding the horse carriage first. Su Xi-er watched Pei Qianhao’s back and closely followed behind him with an inexplicable expression in her eyes.


Cui Hua had only just recovered from her stupor when she saw the two getting on the horse carriage. Just when she was going to chase after them, she was stopped by the imperial guard. “Miss, please stay here.”


Even a village woman like her could tell by their clothes and demeanour that Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er weren’t ordinary people.


After being stopped by the imperial guard, she stood there obediently. If my saviours don’t need anything in return, then I will just remember it. Besides, nothing I could give them will matter.


Cui Hua rubbed her stomach as she watched the horse carriage leave. She softly said to herself. Thank you, Miss.


After a long period of silence on the horse carriage, Su Xi-er muttered, “Thank you for just now.”

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