Pah! The crisp sound of the woman’s hand meeting the guard’s face could be heard clearly in the otherwise silent night. Although the guard’s face wasn’t swollen, there was a red handprint on his face.


I am slapped for saving a person? Besides, I haven’t done anything yet! One could imagine the cries of injustice in the imperial guard’s heart right now.


“Cui Hua, Cui Hua…” The old woman continued to sob as she hugged her daughter. Now that the latter had been saved, the old woman was both excited and frightened.


“Cui Hua, you are finally awake. You have frightened me silly; how will your mum live by herself!”


After that, the old woman pointed at the imperial guard, Su Xi-er, and Pei Qianhao. “Ah, Cui Hua, these are your saviours. It’s all thanks to them that you are alive! Otherwise, your mum may have never seen you again.”


When she spoke of how her daughter could have died, the old woman couldn’t help but start crying again. Cui Hua’s eyes were also red as she whimpered. She felt that she had suffered a lot of injustice, but when she saw her mother like that, she couldn’t bear to hurt her anymore.


However, Pei Qianhao was thinking about something completely different right now. Luckily Su Xi-er didn’t do it, otherwise, she would have been the one slapped. Looking at the mark on the guard’s face, it wasn’t a light blow. As for the guard, he should be fine with his thick flesh and coarse skin.


The imperial guard was speechless, but he couldn’t say anything either. He had to quietly bear it on the side.


Su Xi-er looked at the imperial guard sympathetically. No matter who it is, someone connected to Pei Qianhao can’t live an easy life.


Saviours? Cui Hua followed looked and saw the three people, including the man that she had slapped.


I had slapped my saviour? Cui Hua realised that she had slapped the wrong person and felt embarrassed. They must think that I am ungrateful.


Cui Hua got up and approached the imperial guard with an awkward expression before lowering her head and speaking softly. “Gentleman, this little lady must apologise for being rude just now.”


“Miss, you don’t need to worry about a rough person like me.” The imperial guard felt a lot better when he saw that the woman had taken the initiative to apologise.


After apologising to the imperial guard, Cui Hua turned around and headed towards Su Xi-er.


Just when Cui Hua was going to bow to thank her, Su Xi-er motioned for her to stop. “Miss, there is no need for formalities. I was only here by coincidence, and did what any other person would have.”


Su Xi-er could feel a cold gaze from behind her as soon as she spoke. She didn’t have to look to know that this was Pei Qianhao.


In response, Cui Hua said, “The saying goes that saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda[1], but not many people can act upon that.” Cui Hua gave off a desolate aura when she spoke, her eyes filling with sorrow.


Although Su Xi-er didn’t ask for details, she could vaguely guess why Cui Hua jumped into the lake.


The only thing that can drive a woman to suicide like this is love. Unlike the more aged and rational Née Li who wouldn’t seek death no matter how terrible Zhang Zhuang is, this woman is young and impulsive. Perhaps tonight will be enough for her to think things over again.

 Cui Hua looked at Su Xi-er’s eyes. The moon isn’t out tonight, but her eyes are still as luminous as the stars in the night sky.

1. In ancient China, it is believed that building pagodas will help a person earn merits. A seven-floor pagoda is a pagoda of the highest level, so building a seven-floor pagoda will help a person earn the most merits.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


Lucky Su Xi-er didn’t do it, otherwise the slap will be on Su Xi-er’s face. Looking at that strength, it can’t be a soft hit on a woman’s face. As for a man, with thick flesh and coarse skin, a slap is fine.

Sangria: Poor imperial guard, getting no love from Prince Hao… LOL