The old woman saw Su Xi-er’s serious expression and hesitated a bit before choosing to withdraw.


Su Xi-er approached once she saw the old lady take a step back. The woman lying on the floor had a pretty face, but her eyebrows were furrowed as if she was struggling with something.


“Miss, please save my daughter; you must save my daughter.” The old woman whimpered. It was clear from the look in her eyes that Su Xi-er was her last hope.


Su Xi-er nodded and motioned for the old woman not to worry.


This woman is just unconscious after water entered her lungs. It’s not too serious yet, but it’ll be life-threatening if it goes on for much longer.


Su Xi-er immediately knelt down next to the woman and began to perform chest compressions. Of course, her actions didn’t escape the vigilant gaze of Pei Qianhao; a flash of confusion appearing in the latter’s eyes when he saw what Su Xi-er was doing.


How does she know how to save someone who is unconscious after falling into water?


According to the records from the Imperial Household Department, Su Xi-er entered the imperial palace at a young age, and has worked in the palace ever since. Having never left the palace, how could she know how to do something like this?


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was deep, as if it was trying to read Su Xi-er’s mind. “Have you learnt something from a physician before?”


Su Xi-er only gave a split-second pause before continuing her actions and answering. “I haven’t learnt it from anyone, but I have seen people being saved like this after they fell into the water.” Her voice was soft, and her heart was also calm.


“You are clever to be able to learn anything after seeing it,” Pei Qianhao commented slowly. Only Su Xi-er knew the deeper meaning behind his words.


Su Xi-er only spared Pei Qianhao a glance, not even stopping the movement of her hands as she did so.


After a while, her eyebrows furrowed. If she still hasn’t woken up after so long, I have to use a different method.


Su Xi-er slowly stopped the chest compressions before speaking. “We’ll have to force the water out of her chest to save her. With how long she’s been unconscious though, we’ll have to provide some air by using a mouth-to-mouth method.”


She proceeded to pinch the woman’s nose with one hand, using the other to hold the woman’s mouth open.


Pei Qianhao’s heart almost leapt out when he saw Su Xi-er bending down.


Just when her lips were going to touch the young woman’s, Pei Qianhao pulled her away.


“You, go!” Before Su Xi-er could open her mouth, Pei Qianhao glanced at the imperial guard next to him and gave an order.


The imperial guard was startled and looked at the woman on the ground. He hesitated and advised, “This subordinate is a man. It will sully this young lady’s clear reputation and chastity if I do so.


“This concerns her life; who cares if it’s between a man and woman?” Pei Qianhao said firmly. The imperial guard was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Prince Hao’s order is even more difficult than dying.


“I beg you to save my daughter! I beg you to please save her!” The old woman who continued to whimper on the side opened her mouth and almost knelt down in front of the imperial guard, but Su Xi-er pulled her up.


The imperial guard was uncomfortable. Prince Hao is so protective of Su Xi-er that he won’t even allow her to… Sigh, I’m very unlucky. Now that the old woman has begged me like that, I have no choice but to do it.


The imperial guard apologised silently when he saw the woman on the ground. I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t kiss you on purpose.


The imperial guard knelt down unwillingly. He was well aware of the method used to save someone who had fallen into the water.


Just as his lips were about to touch the young woman’s, her eyes fluttered open. When she saw a strange man’s lips close to hers, she immediately reacted and slapped him on instinct.

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