Looking at the happily eating horse, Su Xi-er was envious. Although it needs to carry men on its back, it can still enjoy a moment of peace and comfort every day. I, however, don’t have any freedom.


Su Xi-er had spent almost an entire day in the stables just staring at the wall blankly when suddenly, a person appeared at the entrance at dusk. 


It was Pei Qianhao.


When he saw that Su Xi-er was lost in her thoughts, he couldn’t help but wonder, What is this woman thinking about? Is she thinking about Prince Yun? Is she sad and missing him because he has returned to the capital?


“What? Who are you thinking of?” Pei Qianhao spoke suddenly, but it didn’t scare Su Xi-er.


When compared to any other woman, Su Xi-er remained remarkably calm.


Su Xi-er bowed to him slightly. “Prince Hao.”


With how dark it was, her current expression was unreadable.


Pei Qianhao just nodded slightly to show that she could rise. When he turned around to leave, he suddenly said, “Come, this Prince will take you to Zhao’s Flower Shop.”


Su Xi-er didn’t refuse, although she didn’t know why he wanted to go to Zhao’s Flower Shop at night. “Yes, Prince Hao.”


After the two left the inn, Su Xi-er asked, “Prince Hao, why are we going to the flower shop?”


Pei Qianhao’s footsteps paused for a second as he turned to glance at her. Turning back around, he gave an answer. “To make fragrant powder for you to use so that you won’t be stinky every day.”


Su Xi-er thought, even if I don’t use fragrant powder on my body, I won’t be stinky...


She followed behind and could just barely make out Pei Qianhao’s expressionless profile.


Of course, Su Xi-er didn’t believe that he really wanted to buy some flower powder to scent the body. Beimin’s fragrant powders are essentially the same as those from Nanzhao. He’s not one to gild the lily.


“Prince Hao, you are not just going to make fragrant powder right? Is there another use?” Su Xi-er asked. Lingrui flowers can also be used to staunch blood flow. Perhaps Pei Qianhao really does plan to transplant them to Beimin to try to make a medicinal powder. They will certainly help a lot in saving on military supplies and even treat the soldiers’ wounds more efficiently.


Pei Qianhao only walked even faster, not bothering to answer her question. In the end, this is all my speculation.


“Prince Hao, although you won’t say it, this servant can see that Lingrui flowers will be very useful to you apart from making fragrant powders.”


Su Xi-er thought that Pei Qianhao would reveal something at this moment, but he instead turned around and asked, “What, isn’t it great that this Prince is going to make you smell nice every day?”


Pei Qianhao saw that she didn’t say anything and continued on. “No more replies? Keep walking and don’t have wild thoughts.” 


The two of them then boarded a horse carriage, staying silent until they arrived at the flower shop.


Uncle Zhao didn’t think that a huge patron like them would visit so late at night, so he hurriedly came out to welcome them.


The news that Beimin’s Prince Hao was here had spread through the entire Moon County. A man with such an aura must be Prince Hao! Uncle Zhao knew that he couldn't afford to be impolite.


“Prince Hao, please enter.”


Pei Qianhao watched as Su Xi-er got off the horse carriage before walking into the flower shop directly.


The Lingrui flowers had all closed up at night time, but they were still a brilliant yellow, and emitted an inviting fragrance.


However, Pei Qianhao didn’t stay for long. He just looked at the Lingrui and pinched some soil to smell it, leaving shortly after.


Su Xi-er didn’t understand what he wanted to do and just followed him closely.

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