Ning Lianchen held his hand open as he looked at Imperial Physician Fang.  Once the latter had begun carefully checking his pulse, he remarked, “Imperial Physician Fang, this Emperor heard that you came out of Imperial Elder Sister’s repose palace today. Her body has always been weak, and I don’t know what happened this time. As her younger brother, I am naturally concerned about her.”


Imperial Physician Fang knew about the relationship between Ning Anlian and Ning Lianchen. Having received some benefits from Ning Anlian, he wouldn’t dare to reveal too much, even to the emperor.


He pondered for a while before reply. “The Eldest Imperial Princess’ body is fine. Please rest assured, Your Majesty.”


“There’s nothing serious?” Ning Lianchen’s voice grew an octave higher before he smirked. “How did you become an imperial physician, Imperial Physician Fang?”


Before Imperial Physician Fang could answer, Ning Lianchen continued. “Of course, it’s because of your excellent medical skills that the imperial court hired you.”


Imperial Physician Fang nodded slightly, but didn’t dare to be elated. I don’t know where His Majesty is going with this...


“With how great your medical skills are, how could you not know that Imperial Elder Sister’s is unwell today, Imperial Physician Fang? Unless you are just a quack? And the imperial court hired you because you said some polite words?”


Imperial Physician Fang was stunned by the sudden interrogation from Ning Lianchen. “No, that’s not true.”


Although Prince Yun is the one with power right now, this is still the emperor in front of me. Even casually offending him can cost me my head and my post.


“If it isn’t true, then what is wrong with Imperial Elder Sister? Shouldn’t you be informing this Emperor?”


Imperial Physician Fang’s forehead broke into a cold sweat as he immediately responded, “The Eldest Imperial Princess’ internal fire has been vigorous recently, and has caused her to feel unwell. This humble official has already prescribed some medicine for the Eldest Imperial Princess, and she should recover in a few days.”


Ning Lianchen knew what Imperial Physician Fang meant, and didn’t ask any more questions. In the end, Imperial Physician Fang just prepared some warming medicine before leaving.


After the imperial physician left, Ning Lianchen instructed the palace servants to close the door of the repose palace so that he could be alone. 


Apart from the occasional sound of the crackling candles, the gigantic repose palace was completely silent.


Ning Lianchen looked at the golden, dazzling palace with his dry eyes but couldn’t squeeze a single tear out.


Heading towards a cabinet, he pulled out a scroll and slowly unfurled it to reveal a lifelike painting of a young woman. The woman was none other than the Imperial Elder Sister who Ning Lianchen had been thinking of day and night ー Ning Rulan!


“Imperial Elder Sister…”


Ning Lianchen called softly, but… 


The woman in the painting cannot answer me anymore, not even with a single word.


Ning Lianchen whimpered and clenched both of his fists, as if he could release all of his hatred and anger in the next second.


I must become stronger and take revenge for Imperial Elder Sister. I will kill Ning Anlian and Yun Ruofeng.


Ning Lianchen had spent countless nights looking at Ning Rulan’s painting. He would look at the sister he missed, thinking that she would run out from the painting and nag at him in a worried tone.


His longing was like a flood that surged into his heart.




In the far away Moon County, Su Xi-er looked up at the black sky above her head and thought of her younger brother in the capital city’s imperial palace. How is Lianchen? Does he get bullied by Ning Anlian and Yun Ruofeng? Is he eating and sleeping well?


But no matter how much I miss him, I can’t go and see him. I am not Ning Rulan anymore; I am Su Xi-er.

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