Yun Ruofeng still avoided her question. "That's not what we are discussing now."


"We are discussing this right now. What, just because he is Ning Rulan's younger brother, is that why you can’t bear to kill him? You killed Ning Rulan, and now you don't dare to kill her younger brother?"


There was uncertainty, but also a measure of self-affirmation in her tone. Yun Ruofeng furrowed his brows slightly before returning to his normal self, but he still chose to ignore her. "The state banquet is around the corner. You should be practising your dance, not having these wild thoughts. I will settle the court affairs. You need not worry about that."


The smile was wiped off Ning Anlian's face, her expression turning somewhat disappointed as she replied. "Yes, this Princess ought to practise her dance. Prince Yun shouldn't have come to see me today. From today onwards, we don't have to meet until Nanzhao’s state banquet is over. Imperial Physician Fang said that my internal fire is vigorous so I need to nourish my body properly.”


"Since Imperial Physician Fang says so, then it’s all the more reason for you to recuperate and adjust your body’s condition. The state banquet is not child's play. You ought to be well-prepared."


"This Princess understands."


"If there's nothing else, this Prince shall take my leave." Without waiting for Ning Anlian's response, Yun Ruofeng had already left the room. During their entire conversation, Yun Ruofeng hadn’t shown an ounce of concern for Ning Anlian. This only served to stoke the flames of anger in her heart.


She thought of the sweet intimacy and lovey-dovey relationship between them before Yun Ruofeng had become the Prince Regent and sneered. The change is huge. He had always comforted me, and taken me into his arms when I was feeling wronged.  But now, every sentence of his is filled with thorns and spite.


He is already very powerful after becoming the Prince Regent. He has the emperor in the palm of his hand as hostage to order the aristocrats around with his authority. Is that why this so-called Eldest Imperial Princess is no longer a threat to him?


These thoughts were too similar to Ning Lianchen’s words, and Ning Anlian couldn’t help but feel a crushing weight on her heart.


Yun Ruofeng... Yun Ruofeng, you can clearly sit on the imperial throne, yet you are still allowing that puppet to occupy it. What exactly are you planning? Is it because of Ning Rulan? Or do you have other reasons? Why are you always hiding things from me and not telling me anything...


She couldn't suppress her anger, and proceeded to smash an entire set of enamelled teacups on the floor.


Hearing the noise, Piao Xu immediately came in to pacify her. Fortunately, Ning Anlian didn’t continue smashing items, but her expression had turned even more bitter.


Piao Xu was a little perplexed. Why is it that every time Prince Yun comes, the Eldest Imperial Princess will end up all worked up? Doesn't Prince Yun like the Eldest Imperial Princess? Why does it look like he can't be bothered with her anymore?"


Ning Anlian continued to sulk late into the night. Meanwhile, howls had been coming forth from the Emperor's repose palace for some time. The eunuch-in-waiting was afraid that something might have happened to the Emperor, and was in the process of going to summon the imperial physician when he was stopped by the Emperor’s call.


"Wait!" Ning Lianchen ordered, his gaze on the eunuch on the ground.


"Summon Imperial Physician Fang for this Emperor."


The eunuch acknowledged the order. "Yes, Your Majesty." He then stood up and promptly withdrew.


Watching the eunuch exit the chambers, Ning Lianchen couldn't help but sigh before he quietly waited for the imperial physician's arrival.


Imperial Physician Fang had just gone to the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace earlier today, and now he was summoned to the Emperor's repose palace. 


Upon entering the chambers, Imperial Physician Fang knelt down. "This humble official pays his respects to Your Majesty."


"It's alright, don't stand on ceremony. Imperial Physician Fang, this Emperor is not feeling well, and has summoned you this late at night to find out what the problem is."


"Yes, Your Majesty" Not daring to commit a slight, Imperial Physician Fang hurried forward to feel his pulse.

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Why are you always hiding things from me and not telling me anything…

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