The maidservants and eunuchs in the vicinity paused their chores to welcome Yun Ruofeng as he walked past.


Crisp calls of "Paying respects to Prince Yun" rang out in the air. Even Ning Anlian, who was in her repose palace, could hear the voices very clearly.


Ning Anlian was just thinking of herself and Yun Ruofeng's children. She had already been elated at the thought of being able to become pregnant again. Now that she heard that Prince Yun had arrived, all her worries were dissipated.


"Piao Xu…" Ning Anlian didn't try to hide the excitement on her face; her joy could be seen from even the depths of her eyes.


After waiting on Ning Anlian for such a long while, Piao Xu knew her well. She bowed slightly before heading to the outer room. Gesturing the other palace maids, she had one of them quickly open the repose palace’s doors.


Ning Anlian knew that she had been really hot-tempered recently, and that it wasn't good for her health. She would definitely adhere to Imperial Physician Fang's instructions to let her body recover quickly and get pregnant again. She also had to regain her composure as the Eldest Imperial Princess so that Yun Ruofeng wouldn’t be upset with her over her impetuousness.


The voices of "Paying respects to Prince Yun" made Ning Anlian nervous. We are so familiar, and even meet often, yet I can't help but be nervous.


She wanted to get up from her embroidered seat to welcome him, but in the end, she held herself back.


Yun Ruofeng noticed Ning Anlian’s position when he entered the room, seeing that she was facing the mirror as if checking on her appearance.


Yun Ruofeng hid his emotions very well. She did take Imperial Physician Fang's words to heart.


With the corners of his lips raised into a smile, he softly called out, "Eldest Imperial Princess."


Hearing him calling her, Ning Anlian could no longer sit still. She promptly stood up and smilingly walked over while putting on a virtuous look. "Feng, there's no need for us to be so courteous in private." With that, Ning Anlian reached out in hopes of grabbing Yun Ruofeng's hand, but the latter had nimbly dodged it.


In that moment, the smile on Ning Anlian’s face immediately froze.


Noticing the situation, Piao Xu knew that the Eldest Imperial Princess was unhappy and promptly left the room. At this time, it's better not to witness the matters between the Eldest Imperial Princess and Prince Yun.


Though Ning Anlian felt displeased in her heart, she still constantly reminded herself of Imperial Physician Fang's word at every instance, and kept a smile plastered to her face.


She couldn't help but ask, "Feng, how's your health?"


Yun Ruofeng had a placid expression that seemed to directly oppose Ning Anlian's emotional turmoil. "Much better. Nothing serious."


Only then did Yun Ruofeng look Ning Anlian in the face and slightly frown. "When this Prince was on my way here, I heard that you had a heated argument with His Majesty. What happened?"


Hearing his question, Ning Anlian's expression turned even more bitter. To think that when we meet, it’s not sharing our days or exchanging affectionate words and being lovey-dovey with one another, but him bringing up troubles by addressing me coldly and even reproaching me.


She couldn't contain the fury within her. "Nothing. When has he spoken without spite? It has always been like this between me and him. It's just that…"


Ning Anlian suddenly paused and observed Yun Ruofeng’s expression before continuing. "Actually, he is of not much use now. You have adequate power in your grasp, and can even become emperor if you wish to. Why are you keeping him? Why not simply…"


But before she could complete her sentence, her words were interrupted by Yun Ruofeng. "No way!"


"Why not?"


Yun Ruofeng didn't answer her again. It was as though he didn't want to say anything more.


This side of Yun Ruofeng was what Ning Anlian couldn't tolerate the most ー unconcerned and devoid of emotions. She swiftly approached Yun Ruofeng, slightly raising her head and asking, "Is it because he is Ning Rulan's younger brother?"

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