Helpless, Imperial Physician Fang could only try to advise her. "Eldest Imperial Princess, you have to first subdue your internal fire before you nurse your health. This humble official will prescribe you medicine for your daily consumption. Although it’s uncertain, you may still be able to conceive in the future if you follow the words of this humble official."


Ning Anlian's eyes immediately brightened upon hearing his words. "Imperial Physician Fang, are you telling the truth? This Princess still has the chance to conceive in this lifetime?"


Imperial Physician Fang nodded. "As long as Your Highness isn’t anxious and subdue your internal fire, everything is possible."


His one statement had removed the boulder from Ning Anlian's heart. I still have a chance at pregnancy; everything is fine as long as I have this chance.


"Eldest Imperial Princess, you shouldn't meet Prince Yun during this phase. Prince Yun is busy with state affairs, and your internal fire is burning strong…" Imperial Physician Fang didn't continue his sentence, as he knew that the Eldest Imperial Princess would understand.


Ning Anlian was a little embarrassed. Isn't he saying that I keep thinking about that? It's just that Yun Ruofeng has been busy, and doesn’t have the heart to be intimate recently. Not to mention, his lack of interest in it was such that if I hadn’t experienced his prowess, I would have thought that he...


"Okay, this Princess understands and has taken your words to heart. As long as you can nurse this Princess' health, no matter what you want in the future, this Princess can give it to you."


Imperial Physician Fang bowed and paid his respects. "Many thanks, Eldest Imperial Princess. This humble official has brought some of the medicine that I mentioned with me. You can order Piao Xu to simmer it for three hours before consumption."


Ning Anlian nodded, "Okay, this Princess will drink the medicine no matter how bitter it is. That's all, you may withdraw."


"This humble official shall take his leave." Imperial Physician Fang then retrieved the packaged medical herbs from his medical box and placed them on the table before leaving the main hall.


Before Imperial Physician Fang left, he told Piao Xu a few things that she had to pay attention to, especially the part about reducing Ning Anlian's internal fire. Piao Xu listened very carefully, and took all his words to heart.


Imperial Physician Fang nodded and exited the repose palace.


After walking through a palace path, Imperial Physician Fang saw the approaching Prince Yun. He immediately bowed. "This humble official pays his respects to Prince Yun."


Yun Ruofeng waved him off with a hand gesture. "There's no need for formalities. This Prince saw that you came out from the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace. How's the Eldest Imperial Princess' health?"


"This humble official…" Imperial Physician Fang trailed off as he took a glance at the imperial guard standing behind Prince Yun.


With a wave of his hand, Yun Ruofeng dismissed his imperial guard and motioned for Imperial Physician Fang to continue. "This humble official felt the Eldest Imperial Princess' pulse; her Highness asked if she would be able to conceive again in this lifetime."


Imperial Physician Fang paused and carefully observed Yun Ruofeng's expression.


With a placid expression and a flat tone, Yun Ruofeng asked, "How's her body? Will she be able to produce an offspring?"


Imperial Physician Fang was a little nervous, as this concerned the descendants of Prince Yun. He knew clearly that Prince Yun would marry Ning Anlian, causing his tone to become solemn. "Prince Yun, are you asking this humble official to speak the truth as it is?"


"If you are not going to speak the truth as it is, were you planning to lie to this Prince?"


Imperial Physician Fang immediately lowered his head. "This humble official doesn't dare. This humble official had just lied to the Eldest Imperial Princess that as long as she nurses her health and subdued the internal fire within her, she would have a chance at pregnancy again. It's just that from what this humble official saw, the possibility is too minute to the point that it is negligible. Prince Yun…"


"This Prince understands. You may withdraw."


Imperial Physician Fang bowed with deference. "Prince Yun, this humble official's medical skills are subpar and can't treat the Eldest Imperial Princess. Her last miscarriage was fatal to her health."


"This Prince does not blame you. Don't mention this to the Eldest Imperial Princess; let her believe what you said previously. As for subduing her internal fire, you have already done well with this. Come back and claim your reward later." Yun Ruofeng then headed towards the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace.

Imperial Physician Fang was a little perplexed. Prince Yun not only didn't blame me, but has even rewarded me? Is Prince Yun going to marry the Eldest Imperial Princess? He had previously seen the marriage as a foregone conclusion, but for the first time, he was harbouring doubts.

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