Ning Anlian's heart was full of hatred towards Ning Lianchen. He's already a puppet, what right does he have to be so pompous! We rarely converse, but he always angers me whenever we engage in a war of words. 


A glint of malevolence flickered in Ning Anlian's eyes at this thought, though it quickly faded away. The only way to get Ning Lianchen off her back was… to make it so that he could never speak again.


With her mind made up, she could finally breathe. She quietly sat at the head seat in the hall as she picked up the nearby teapot and poured herself a cup.


Fifteen minutes later, Piao Xu rushed in with Imperial Physician Fang tailing behind her. She promptly dismissed all the maidservants as soon as Imperial Physician Fang entered the main hall. She also closed the windows and shut the door tightly as she exited, leaving only Imperial Physician Fang and Ning Anlian inside as she guarded the entrance.


Piao Xu knew what the Eldest Imperial Princess and Imperial Physician Fang would talk about, and no one else was allowed to hear about it.


Imperial Physician Fang, who was holding onto his medical box, bowed and was prepared to pay his respects before being interrupted by Ning Anlian with a wave of her hand. "Imperial Physician Fang, you have been diagnosing this Princess. There is no one else around, so you can spare the formalities."


With that, she placed her hand on the arm of the chair. Imperial Physician Fang answered with an affirmative before withdrawing a silver thread from his medical box to take her pulse[/ref]When physicians had to avoid contact with the patient, there is a method where they will use a thread to tie around the patient’s wrist and feel their pulse using the thread. However, this technique is much more difficult and may not be that accurate.[/ref].


"Imperial Physician Fang, the diagnosis might be inaccurate when reading from the thread. This Princess has been recuperating for some time. Just feel this Princess' pulse directly so that it will be more accurate."


Imperial Physician Fang hesitated when he heard Ning Anlian's words, but then thought of how much importance she placed on this matter. After contemplating for a short while, he kept the silver thread and walked towards Ning Anlian. He paid his respects before taking her pulse.


Ning Anlian was worried and nervous as well. She had drunk so much bitter medicine in hopes that she would be able to condition her body to be able to bear children for Yun Ruofeng.


What's the most important thing for a woman? Other than her appearance and figure, it is her ability to conceive. If a woman can't conceive, then she would have failed as a woman.


Imperial Physician Fang meticulously felt her pulse, careful not to miss any details. After a substantial amount of time, he retracted his hand.


Ning Anlian got even more nervous. With a cautious expression, she softened her voice as well. "Imperial Physician Fang, how is it? Has this Princess' body gotten better?


Imperial Physician Fang knew about the anxiety in her heart, but he had to speak the truth. Stuck with a difficult decision, he chose a response based on his understanding of the  Eldest Imperial Princess' character.


Hence, he sighed before replying deferentially. "Eldest Imperial Princess, your body is still not conditioned well. You have a weak and cold constitution, and your womb is cold as well. Your previous few abortions, especially your last unintentional miscarriage, has left severe effects on your body. If it's possible, I hope that you can refrain from any bedroom affairs for the time being until your body has reco…"


Imperial Physician Fang was swiftly interrupted by Ning Anlian. "Imperial Physician Fang, you are familiar with this Princess' health. You are also aware of the affairs between this Princess and Prince Yun, You must know that this Princess will marry Prince Yun, and that he must have an heir. This Princess only has one question for you: will this Princess still be able to conceive in this lifetime?”


Imperial Physician Fang was in a bit of a pickle. This… The previous miscarriage had fatal effects on the Eldest Imperial Princess' ability to conceive. Moreover, she has a cold womb, as well as a weak constitution, but her internal fire is vigorous.


The most important thing is to warm the womb and reduce her internal fire at the same time. But if we look at the Eldest Imperial Princess’ temper, how could her internal fire be reduced?

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