Ning Anlian’s face was dark, and when she finally opened her mouth, she looked directly at Piao Xu. “Is my dance really that bad? Why did Ning Lianchen say that to me? He also said that Prince Yun went to Moon County…”


Ning Anlian’s gaze became even deeper. She wanted nothing more than to leave the palace and go to the Prince Yun Residence. However, Yun Ruofeng had reassigned some guards from the Prince Yun Residence to her repose palace. This was essentially the same as holding her captive here.


Nominally, he had put them there to make sure she practised her dancing more for the upcoming state banquet.


Haha. How dare he keep me captive; is he scared that I won’t dance as well as Ning Rulan? Why is it that I still can’t escape Ning Rulan’s shadow even after her death?


“Eldest Imperial Princess, please quell your anger. You’ve never had a great relationship with His Majesty, and he has always wanted to make you lose your temper. Eldest Imperial Princess, you’ll have fallen for his tricks if you give in.”


Of course Ning Anlian knew what Ning Lianchen was thinking. His purpose is to make me so angry that I will become sick, and not be able to dance at the state banquet.


Understanding that however, was different than being able to act accordingly. The thing that she held closest to her heart had been infringed upon, and her emotions were a mess. Yun Ruofeng had said that she should become a calm person and not be as impulsive, as it wouldn’t match her status as the Eldest Imperial Princess.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, this servant will serve you tea. Please calm down.”


Ning Anlian waved her hand. “No need. More importantly, is what Ning Liancheng said true, that Prince Yun is not in the capital city, but in Moon County?!”


“Eldest Imperial Princess, how can that be? The flowers to be used at the state banquet have all been bought. Besides, buying flowers isn’t something that is done by Prince Yun anyways. Eldest Imperial Princess, His Majesty is stuck in the palace and can’t go out. How could he know where Prince Yun is? He is just scaring you by mentioning Moon County.”


When Ning Anlian heard this, she thought it was logical. But… I am still feeling anxious. Yun Ruofeng had previously gone to the posthouse, but Pei Qianhao wasn’t there.


If that’s the case, who did Yun Ruofeng go to see at the posthouse? If it is like what Ning Lianchen said, and he is currently in Moon County...


Ning Anlian suddenly felt a strong headache. I had always thought that my good days would come after Ning Rulan died, but are these the ‘good days’ that I have been looking forward to?


I am unwilling and reluctant; why is it like this!? Why can’t things be how I hoped them to be? How much longer do I need to wait? Can I force Yun Ruofeng to marry me immediately?


“Piao Xu, summon the imperial physician to the repose palace and say that this Princess doesn’t feel well.” Ning Anlian only had one personal imperial physician. This person was the most experienced physician in the imperial palace, and was also the only one of them who knew that Ning Anlian would have trouble becoming pregnant again.


Piao Xu naturally knew which imperial physician she was referring to. “This servant will go now.”


Ning Anlian fell deep into her thoughts again as she watched Piao Xu’s figure leaving, Ning Lianchen’s words echoing in her head.


Eldest Imperial Sister, this Emperor is not at all astounded by your dance at all. The previous Eldest Imperial Princess’ dance moves were full of brilliance, but yours are only average. The Crown Prince from Donglin, the Monarch from Xiliu, and other monarchs of small foreign nations have all seen the previous Eldest Imperial Princess’ dance If you go up like that, you will become a joke. Your dance cannot be presented on stage.


Ning Anlian knew that Ning Rulan’s dance was the best in this world. At the previous state banquets, the monarchs of other nations have all praised her highly. If Yun Ruofeng wasn’t there, they would definitely have asked for her to marry them on the spot.


But now, Ning Rulan is dead! I am the most noble woman in Nanzhao, but Ning Lianchen is still using words to enrage me. Doesn’t he know that he has already become a puppet!?


If it weren’t for the court officials saving his status, he would have been confined to the mausoleum a long time ago to mourn for a lifetime. How would he be allowed to continue sitting on the emperor’s throne!?

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