“Come in.” A deep and powerful voice entered Su Xi-er’s ears.


Su Xi-er pushed the door open with the tray in her hands, waiting as it swung open with a creak. However, when she saw the person inside the room, she silently cursed to herself that he was shameless. He said that I could come in, but he’s… changing right now!


Su Xi-er lowered her head and set the tray down on a wooden table before immediately turning on her heels and walking towards the door.


“It’s not your first time seeing this Prince’s body, why are you nervous? Come and wipe this Prince’s body.” Pei Qianhao threw a handkerchief towards Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er snatched it out of the air, but still continued towards the door. 


Pei Qianhao looked at her. How dare she ignore my words! Just when he was about to scold her, Su Xi-er closed the door and returned.


“This servant was just closing the door; I wasn’t going to leave. If we meet someone like Miss Mei, who says that a woman must marry a man if she sees his body according to ancestral teachings, what will we do?”


Su Xi-er wet the handkerchief in a basin next to her and wrung it dry while she talked.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. Why is she talking about Miss Mei again- I don’t even want to see that woman. As for ancestral teachings, that is ridiculous!


“Prince Hao, this servant will wipe your back.” Su Xi-er circled around him before laying the cloth on his back.


He didn’t sweat, nor does he have any dirt on him. What use is it to wipe his body during the day?


“Use more strength; this Prince didn’t ask you to tickle me.” Pei Qianhao spoke in an annoyed voice, and Su Xi-er began to scrub more forcefully.


Marks of red immediately appeared on Pei Qianhao’s back, but he felt comfortable and looked satisfied.


However, he didn’t plan to let Su Xi-er go easily. “What were you and Prince Yun muttering about downstairs just now?”


Su Xi-er didn’t stop her movements and replied slowly. “If Prince Hao knows that this servant was talking to Prince Yun, how is it possible for you not to know what we spoke about?”


“How dare you!” Pei Qianhao immediately whipped around and grabbed Su Xi-er’s wrist, his eagle-like gaze filled with danger.


“This servant is just stating the facts.” Su Xi-er raised her head and met his eyes.


Pei Qianhao’s brows knitted together when he saw her staring at him. Exerting some force in his arm, he pulled Su Xi-er closer to his chest. He didn’t kiss her like before, but only held her closely.


Su Xi-er twisted around to try to escape, but calmed down upon realising that Pei Qianhao’s grip on her was too strong. Left with little choice, she had her head aided against his chest.


From that position, she could hear Pei Qianhao’s firm voice rumbling from above her. “This Prince will not pity a woman like Née Li. Her husband doesn’t have anyone to back him right now, so he will say anything to get back with her. But as the saying goes ‘old habits die hard.’ If Née Li forgives him, she will be betrayed by him again in the future. At that time, her life will be worse than death.”


Su Xi-er didn’t think that he would start a tirade about Née Li, but his words matched her thoughts exactly.


I have experienced pain and suffering to realise this. What did Pei Qianhao experience?


As the foster son of the Pei Family, he has come so far without a mother or father. The gossip and pressure that was foisted upon him must have been unimaginable for an average person.


The calm voice of a man continued from above her head. “It is better to die immediately than to live a life that is worse than death. Su Xi-er, do you know why this Prince is saying all this?”


He raised her chin and forced her to look at him when he finished speaking.

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