Née Li could sense Zhang Zhuang's hesitation, and was bitterly disappointed. She harshly flung his hand away. "Damn you, stay far away from me. I have returned all the money this lady gave me! Don't you think of getting a single penny!"


She purposely mentioned this so that Zhang Zhuang would leave her alone. 


Zhang Zhuang glared at Su Xi-er and lashed out at her. "If it weren’t for you, the Liu Family would not have fallen, and I wouldn't have landed myself in such a mess! It's all your fault, you siren! With such a pretty face, you should be sold to the brothels and let countless men…"


Zhang Zhuang stopped before he finished, feeling cold metal pressing against his neck. He trembled in fear as he looked at the imperial guard who warned,  "Sir, please be careful. Blades have no eyes."


With his sword pressed against Zhang Zhuang’s neck, the imperial guard had understood with a single look from Pince Hao that he was to teach this man a lesson.


This time, I mustn’t let him spout nonsense again.


"Your mouth is sure filthy. Your tongue should be pulled out so that you can never speak again in this life!" The imperial guard lashed out and looked to Pei Qianhao standing on the second floor.


Zhang Zhuang's legs gave out as he fell to his knees. He kowtowed in the direction of the second floor, ignoring the bleeding wound on his head. "Your Excellency, please have mercy. This peasant dares not speak anymore. This lady is very beautiful, one of a kind, and only belongs to Your Excellency."


Su Xi-er glanced at Pei Qianhao’s stormy expression and knew that even if Zhang Zhaung survived his encounter, he would still be in for a world of pain.


Sure enough, Pei Qianhao nodded his head slightly. Malevolence appeared in the imperial guard's eyes as he struck his knee against Zhang Zhuang's chin, causing the latter to part his lips and holler in pain.


The sword coldly flashed as it moved to cut off Zhang Zhuang's tongue.


Not able to standby and watch, Née Li suddenly put herself in the blade’s path. With how quick her motions were, the guard was unable to stop his swing in time, resulting in his sword sinking into Née Li's arm.


"I beg you, please don't cut off his tongue. No matter how he has betrayed me, I don’t have the heart to see my husband’s tongue cut off."


To think there is this type of foolish woman in this world. Even being betrayed like this, she still protects her man in the end.


Su Xi-er only coldly stared at the couple in front of her as they begged for mercy.


"Dad, Mum..." Seeing his parents in such a state, Xiaobao's whimpers got even louder, as though they would soon escalate into a full-on bawling.


Su Xi-er's head hurt before she finally conceded. "Let them go. Auntie Li, you are still soft-hearted after all. Unless your head is already rolling on the ground because of this husband of yours, you wouldn’t toughen up."


Pei Qianhao gave a cold snort before entering his private room on the second floor, washing his hands off this matter.


The imperial guard indifferently sheathed his sword and stood to the side, leaving Su Xi-er to have the final say.


Zhang Zhuang stood up shakily. "Wife… my eyes are finally open, and I know that I have wronged you. It’s good that you have returned all of this lady’s money. In this world, the only thing that could convince someone to forsake their lives for another is their relationship; I now understand that you are the only one who would do that for me."


Née Li broke down and whimpered. "I didn't forgive you. Stay far away from me."


After that, she tried her very best to suppress her emotions, holding onto Xiaobao's hand as she turned to Su Xi-er. "Miss, I have used some of the money. I will return home and get the unused sum before sending it over to you."


Su Xi-er didn't respond and let Née Li do as she wished. Née Li expressed her thanks and dragged Xiaobao off, ignoring the wound on her arm. Zhang Zhuang trailed after her immediately. Her arm is still bleeding!


Immediately after they left, however, the look in Su Xi-er's eyes changed.


The whole drama had been observed by Yun Ruofeng, who was standing outside the door. He had only just arrived when Née Li was pleading for Zhang Zhuang and said that sentence.

For a split second, he had a ridiculous thought. If Ning Rulan were to come back to life, and I’m in a precarious situation, would she too…

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Cosy

TLC: Rakumon


For a split second, he had a ridiculous thought. If Ning Rulan were to come back to life, and I’m in a precarious situation, would she too…

Cosy: I literally felt a chill down my spine reading this line. I thought I just read the thoughts of a psychopath. Yun Ruofeng, stop disgusting me with such atrocity. I think she would not only want to cut off your tongue but to chop you into eight pieces. Su Xi-er, this sister here will gladly help you chop Yun Ruofeng up too! /brandishes cleaver/

Rakumon: Noooo, Née Li, why did you do that T^T Oh well, I hope that things will get better for you and Xiaobao from now on. 

As for Yun Ruofeng... I have no idea what to say = =