"Wife, these are freshly bought Lingrui flowers. You should see how fragrant they are." Seeing that Née Li had no response to this, Zhang Zhuang began to panic, shoving the flowers towards Nee Li’s nose in an attempt to curry favour with her.


Née Li coldly stared at Zhang Zhuang. This was the husband that I have stayed with all these years. All he knows how to do is follow the money, coming back the moment the Liu Family went down. He will undoubtedly still abandon Xiaobao and me if he meets another wealthy woman in the future.


Zhuang Zhuang is a heartless man. She finally understood this after living for so long.


Née Li took the Lingrui flowers. "The flowers are beautiful, but you are not worthy of holding them!" Having said that, she immediately threw the flowers back at Zhang Zhuang with fury on her face.


The bouquet of Lingrui flowers hit Zhang Zhuang right on his face before they scattered, covering the floor with star-shaped petals. Xiaobao started bawling immediately, and looked at Zhang Zhuang with fear.


Zhang Zhuang couldn't help but feel suffocated in his heart. That is my son, and he’s actually looking at me with such a gaze! Née Li was determined to leave him, and Xiaobao hid behind her instead of putting in a good word for him.


The more Zhang Zhuang thought about it, the angrier he got, but he couldn't pull Xiaobao out and give him a beating. He sighed in his heart before looking at Xiaobao with a face full of smiles. "Xiaobao, come here. Father will buy you delicious food. There’s sugar people[1], flower lanterns, and…"


Née Li hugged Xiaobao even tighter. "Who cares about your sugar people and flower lanterns! I can buy these for Xiaobao! You have almost depleted the money Widow Liu gave you right? Now that it's over for Liu Family, I shall see who you can depend on now. If you dare to harass us mother and son again, we shall see each other at the Magistrate Office!"


Now that there was a change in personnel, she believed that the newly appointed county magistrate wouldn’t turn a blind eye to what happened. 


At the mention of the Magistrate Office, Zhang Zhuang boiled with fury. "The County Magistrate doesn't concern itself with family affairs! Since you have married me, you shall live as a member of the Zhang Family, and die as a ghost of the Zhang Family! Cut the crap and come back to live with me. I will not forsake you and Xiaobao in the future, nor will I hook up with the rich and wealthy."


Née Li would rather die than to concede, but Zhang Zhuang was physically stronger. She couldn’t resist him and was dragged out, leaving Xiaobao to cry his eyes out.


Su Xi-er picked up a small wine cup from the table and precisely whipped it at Zhang Zhuang. The cup accurately smashed into his forehead, creating numerous superficial wounds as it shattered.


"That sure sounded nice, getting Auntie Li to go back with you? Do you even have a home to go back to? Everything in that house, down to the money being used to renovate it, was given by me. It’s great that you want to get back together with Auntie Li; you can go out and work to support your family. I, however, will be taking back what I have given.”


Su Xi-er's words had struck a chord in Zhang Zhuang's heart. Aren’t I dragging Née Li back because I coveted that money? When I went back home just now, I had done a rough estimate, and found that what the resources left behind could let us renovate the whole house from the inside out. We could even buy new clothes and start a small business, making it so that we can live a decent life moving on.


But, I have never suspected that everything was given by this lady before me! If she were to take it back, I would still have to suffer a lot of hardship!

1. Sugar people was mentioned previously in another chapter, but in case you have forgotten, here’s an image again.

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