It’s...Commandery Prince Xie, Xie Yun?


However, He Xiangyu had also offended Xie Yun. Not only was she not punished, but she was even taken into the Beauty Palace by Prince Hao by a freak combination of factors. 


If Xie Yun is really someone hard to deal with, Xie Yun, he would have definitely dealt with He Xiangyu and the original Su Xi-er.


But he didn’t. What exactly is going on with everything?


Su Xi-er knitted her eyebrows. Pei Qianhao’s face flashed across her mind. He was so egotistical and arrogant, thinking nothing of anyone else. In his eyes, your struggle is simply the desperate retaliation of a cornered beast.


Standing at one side, Hong Li didn’t notice any terror in Su Xi-er’s eyes. Feeling curious, she directly asked, “What exactly changed you? It has been so many years, but you have always been timid and afraid of getting into trouble. How can a person’s change be this huge?”


“They say curiosity killed the cat. It’s not good to be so curious.” Su Xi-er relaxed her brow and walked into the woodhouse.


Hong Li stayed outside and didn’t dare to enter.


After Su Xi-er entered the room, she untied the fragrance sachet from her waist and took out a little of the medicinal herb; squeezing out a bit of liquid from it and dripping it onto her left wrist.


Before she recovered, her left hand would be unable to carry heavy items. This is all thanks to Pei Qianhao.


The wind outside gradually became stronger as the sun gradually set in the west. The two had stayed in the woodhouse for a very long time.


“No one is sending the meals. I’m famished; I’ll go and have my meal first. If there are leftovers, I will bring a little for you.” Hong Li turned around and quickly left, not daring to stay any longer as the sun was almost setting and the area was slowly getting darker.


Su Xi-er sat on a wooden stool that she had wiped clean.


Although this was originally a woodhouse, it had been abandoned for so long that even the vestiges of firewood couldn’t be seen. 


The sunset clouds rose, dying the sky red.


This scene...Rancour gradually emerged in Su Xi-er eyes. Torches. The red light illuminating the whole sky.


Has Yun Ruofeng already married Ning Anlian now? Is the child in Ning Anlian’s womb growing larger day by day?


To think that she had been planning on marrying him and giving birth to his children after the situation in Nanzhao had stabilized. Of course, the events that transpired subsequently had thoroughly destroyed that illusion, corroborating that her thoughts were too ridiculous.


A person can pretend so well and shroud my eyes.


Even as the sunset clouds dissipated and nightfall arrived, Su Xi-er’s hands remained tightly clenched.


In the end, she raised her hand and struck the wooden table heavily. Only after she felt the throbbing pain from her left wrist did she snap out of her stupor.


She raised her right hand and was about to massage her left wrist when her gaze landed on the edge of the wooden table.


Hm? There are letters carved on the wooden table. Although she couldn’t immediately tell what they were, her left hand could feel the scratch marks.


Su Xi-er immediately used her sleeve to wipe the dust on the table. The words also gradually became clearer.




There were two more words behind but she couldn’t see them clearly. When she lowered her head for a closer look, a slight rustling sound suddenly came from outside.


There’s someone outside! Su Xi-er immediately stood up and walked towards the door.


She had only made a few steps when she saw a person suddenly dash in her direction and hastily lock the door of the room.


Clang! The lock fell.


Who exactly locked up the door?


“Anyone who comes here has to die!” The deep and low voice of a woman came from outside. Immediately after that, the sound of items being moved could be heard.


There was only one door and no windows in this shack.


Su Xi-er’s eyes were slightly narrowed as she looked in the direction of the door. If I want to get out from here, I can only kick the door open.


Right at this moment, a wisp of smoke from burning firewood wafted into her nose.


The woman outside is setting a fire. She wants to burn me to death!


The smell of the smoke wasn’t thick, which meant that the intensity of the fire was still insignificant. Su Xi-er remained calm and tried to pry for more information instead of being in a hurry to escape, “Who are you? I don’t want to die without knowing the reason.”


“You know something you shouldn’t know. Besides, there are many people who want you dead!” The woman burst into laughter as she answered.


Su Xi-er was certain that this woman wasn’t sent by Old Maidservant Zhao. If it’s Old Maidservant Zhao instructing her, she would definitely secretly set the fire and not be so savage.


“There are many people who want me dead, but I want to do the opposite and live in an unrestrained way!” Su Xi-er chuckled. She narrowed her eyes and raised her leg. At full speed, she spun and kicked the door.


Her actions were swift and efficient, her pose as she kicked the door extremely elegant.


Bang! The door instantly fell from the impact of the kick.


At the same time, she also saw the real appearance of the woman setting the fire.

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