Pei Qianhao placed the wine cup on the table. “This wine is suffused with the fragrance of flowers; it’s best for women. Since you’re not going to drink it, this Prince has also lost the mood to drink. Bring some tea upstairs later.”


Finishing his instructions, he departed for his private room without sparing Su Xi-er a single glance.


Su Xi-er watching Pei Qianhao until he reached the upper floor and vanished from sight. They say that obtaining a woman’s heart is like groping for a needle in a haystack, but why do I feel like this saying is more apt for a man’s heart?


This is especially true when we’re talking about men like Pei Qianhao. He can be capricious and do what he wants, but he can also make careful deliberations when there’s a need to do so.


Right at this moment, there was a commotion at the inn’s entrance, and the adorable voice of a boy could be heard. “Big Sister, it’s really you. Mummy, Big Sister is here!”


Su Xi-er turned around. It’s actually Xiaobao! How did he end up here?


Xiaobao’s face was plastered with smiles as he immediately went forward to grab Su Xi-er’s hand and swayed it. “Big Sister, Mummy and I went to the market to check out tiles in hopes of renovating our house.”


Renovation requires money, but where could Xiaobao’s family have gotten such money from? Su Xi-er was bewildered. Could it be that someone gave their family silvers?


At this moment, Née Li appeared with a package of new fabric in her hands. “Saviour, I didn’t think I would be able to see you again. Xiaobao, come here quickly!” 


Née Li came forward to gently push down on Xiaobao’s shoulders, making him kneel together with her. “Xiaobao, kowtow to our saviour together with your mum.”


Su Xi-er was unable to receive such an elaborate ceremony of gratitude. Before Née Li could kowtow, Su Xi-er immediately supported her. “Quickly stand up. It wasn’t much at all, so you don’t have to take it to heart. You have to live your days well with Xiaobao in the future.”


Née Li couldn’t stop her tears from flowing out. “Saviour, please let Xiaobao and I kowtow. After you taught that Widow Liu a lesson, that bastard man apologised and kowtowed to me, but I won’t forgive him anymore. He only has eyes for money. Saviour, thank you for the many new bowls and silvers you sent to our house. Xiaobao and I will never forget you.”


Née Li then moved away from Su Xi-er’s grip and pulled Xiaobao to kowtow together.


This time, Su Xi-er didn’t stop her. I don’t even have silvers, so how could I have sent them to their family? Who sent it?


Su Xi-er looked towards the second floor and happened to see Pei Qianhao standing there, silently observing the scene on the first floor.


When their eyes met, a glint of light flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes, and Su Xi-er immediately averted her gaze.


“Saviour, Xiaobao and I will never ever forget your immense kindness. Where do you stay? After Xiaobao has grown into an adult and I have died, Xiaobao will seek you out and work diligently to repay you.”


Xiaobao immediately burst into tears upon hearing that. “Mum, you won’t die. Xiaobao will be together with you forever.”


A child’s world is very pure and simple. Even a casual word is sufficient to make them associate it with life and death.


Su Xi-er supported Xiaobao to stand up and smiled as she caressed his head. “Your mum was joking with you. Xiaobao, with how cute you are, how could she bear to leave you? When you grow into an adult in the future and marry a virtuous wife, your days will get better.”


Afterwards, Su Xi-er also supported Née Li to stand up. “Live your days well with Xiaobao. Everything will get better.”


Née Li raised her sleeves to wipe her tears and repeatedly nodded. “Many thanks, saviour.”


And yet, it was at this moment that a man’s voice could be heard: Zhang Zhuang, Née Li’s original husband.


“Wife, why did you run here? I have bought candied fruits and this flower for you.” Zhang Zhuang took out the candied fruits and a Lingrui flower, directly passing them to Née Li.

When Su Xi-er saw the Lingrui flower in Zhang Zhuang’s hand, she inwardly snorted. This kind of person is not fit to hold Lingrui flowers!

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