Shouldering the responsibilities of looking after her clan for so long had resulted in Mei Jinxiu’s personality becoming arrogant and strong. Thus, when she thought about how much effort she had to put into marrying someone, she couldn’t help but feel bitter.


Why does everything I do have to be so tiring and tough since I was young?


Mei Jinxiu glanced at Su Xi-er, but remained silent, simply walking out of Flowers Arrive Inn.


Looking at Mei Jinxiu’s departing figure, Su Xi-er felt that this woman was a little stubborn. The rules are dead, but people are alive.


At this moment, a man’s steady voice sounded. “Su Xi-er, come over.”


Su Xi-er turned around, only to see Pei Qianhao idling about on a wooden stool with a pot of flower wine in his hands.


She naturally understood his intentions. He’s telling me to drink wine, but how can I do that now!?


Su Xi-er didn’t sit down, only taking a step forward before saying,  “This servant can’t drink, as I may spout something unpleasant when I get drunk.”


“Your liquor tolerance is not bad though. This Prince allows you to drink today. No matter what you say, this Prince won’t punish you.” Pei Qianhao’s eyes shone for a moment, the corners of his mouth slightly raised like he was in a good mood. 


“This servant is still unresigned, what if I curse you with words even worse than ‘little bitch?’ Would you still be okay with that, Prince Hao?”


The imperial guard didn’t miss a single word of their conversation, which only caused his heart rate to skyrocket even more. Su Xi-er has scolded Prince Hao as a ‘little bitch’ before! Yet, Prince Hao isn’t retorting, and it doesn’t even look like he’s displeased!


This...Su Xi-er… is simply too audacious. Even I am a little… impressed.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze landed on the imperial guard. “Everyone, withdraw.”


The imperial guard trembled for a moment. Prince Hao is clearly displeased by our presence. Knowing this, he immediately turned to leave, along with the employees and managers in the room.


In an instant, Flowers Arrive Inn was empty besides Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er.


Pei Qianhao raised the wine pot and filled two cups, pushing one to Su Xi-er before placing one in front of himself. “Who knows what you will say? What if you tightly cling to this Prince while drunk, asking me to kiss you?”


Su Xi-er’s expression remained calm. Even if this was my previous life with Yun Ruofeng, I still wouldn’t do that 


“I won’t,” she replied resolutely.


“So sure? Why don’t we try?” Pei Qianhao’s tone was raised as he passed the wine cup to her.


Su Xi-er continued to refuse. “There’s no need to try. This servant won’t say such words.”


Pei Qianhao stood up, gently swaying the wine cup in his hands. “You will. Back when you drank too much at the Prince Yun Residence, you clung tightly to this Prince the whole way back. It seems that you don’t remember any of this.”


Su Xi-er’s expression changed. When did that happen? I don’t have any impression of that. If that’s really the case, it’s all the more reason I shouldn’t drink wine in the future, not even Flower wine which is low in alcohol concentration.


“Prince Hao, you should drink less. Are we leaving Moon County today?” Su Xi-er changed the topic, not wishing to continue with this vein of conversation anymore.


“We’re not. There’s not much meaning in returning to the capital so quickly.”

Meaning? What does he want to experience in Moon County? Su Xi-er couldn’t shake off the feeling that he definitely didn’t come to Moon County just to admire the Lingrui Flowers. Maybe...

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