When Su Xi-er followed the woman’s gaze, her eyelids couldn’t help but twitch. Pei Qianhao is the rascal this lady is referring to?


Aware of Su Xi-er's attention on him, a glimpse of displeasure flickered in Pei Qianhao's eyes. "What are you looking at? Isn’t it all because of you?" His words were tainted with hints of irritation and fury.


Su Xi-er was puzzled. Seeing that woman’s body and provoking her- how is any of that my fault? It’s not like I told him to do it.


Mei Jinxiu swiftly descended the stairs with a murderous intent in his eyes. She glared at Su Xi-er before she spoke with an air of arrogance. "I am Mei Jinxiu, the sole daughter of the Mei Family. You must have heard of the Mei Family, right? According to our ancestral teachings, whoever sees the body of one of our women must marry them. I don't care what your relationship with this man is; immediately scram!"


Her attitude was extremely arrogant, but not like Pei Qianhao’s. Instead of instilling others with fear and respect, her attitude only made others want to talk back to her.


Hence, Su Xi-er retorted promptly. "Mei Family? I have not heard of them. However, I do think that this ancestral teaching of yours is ridiculous.  If I were to see all of you, are you going to make me marry you too?"


Actually, Su Xi-er did know about the Mei Family. They were a line of physicians, and had produced many miracle doctors over the years. Unfortunately, they had a lack of descendants. With the current generation consisting only of Mei Jinxiu, she was forced to run all the medicine shops on her own. Just based on the sheer number of medicine stores the Mei Family managed, this was no mean feat. This wasn’t even considering the fact that very few women held such responsibilities in the first place.


Though they may not be extremely influential in Nanzhao’s capital, the Mei Family had some status in nearly every other county.


After hearing Su Xi-er’s explanation, Mei Jinxiu was red with fury. What nonsense, she actually used the loopholes in my words. In her anger, she raised her voice even higher, "When a man sees the body of woman in my Mei Family, he will have to marry her. Who said anything about women. Anyway, the man beside you is mine!"


Su Xi-er laughed, "Just because you said so?"


The displeasure in Pei Qianhao's eyes dissipated, and a look of interest took its place. Su Xi-er’s reaction had pleased him, and he was no only like a bystander watching a show, waiting to see how Su Xi-er would put Mei Jinxiu in her place.


Mei Jinxiu hollered angrily, "Is he your husband? Hmph, even if he was your husband, you would have to give him to me now. Are you as powerful as the Mei Family?"


The manager who was coming from the kitchen nearly dropped the flower wine in his hands upon hearing this. Heavens, what nonsense is this Mei Jinxiu spouting? That's the one and only Prince Hao!


The manager immediately stepped forward, intending to intervene before he was stopped by Pei Qianhao’s cold glare. He sensed Prince Hao's intention for him to not interfere.


This… What exactly is Prince Hao planning?


Su Xi-er shook her head. "He is not my husband, he is my master."


Mei Jinxiu laughed even louder. "A lowly maidservant can’t be compared to my Mei Family. As your master is mine, you will have to call me Madam in the future."


Instantaneously, Su Xi-er felt that Mei Jinxiu was even more shameless than Widow Liu. But why is Pei Qianhao not saying anything after Mei Jinxiu has gone this far?


Su Xi-er saw the delight in Pei Qianhao's eyes the moment she turned her head back. He’s simply treating this as entertainment.


Unresigned, she simply said, "Master, this lady has set her eyes on you. Are you leaving with her or not?"


Pei Qianhao chuckled, "Do you wish for me to leave?"


Mei Jinxiu instantly flared up when his words reached her ears. "As my man, you are not allowed to flirt with other women." Mei Jinxiu never spared a thought for the man's identity. The Mei Family's status in Nanzhao is not low. I'm more than enough to match with the man in front of me!

Thankfully this man who saw my body is pretty good looking. Mei Jinxiu felt more relieved after realising this.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Cosy

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Mei Jinxiu hollered angrily, "Is he your husband? Hmph, even if he is your husband, you would have to give him to me now. Are you as powerful as the Mei Family?"

Cosy: Mei Jinxiu, are you as powerful as Prince Hao? hahahhaha

Rakumon: Thankfully this man who saw my body is pretty good looking.

I don't think this should be the most important criteria...and if you know Prince Hao ><