Hearing his words, the County Magistrate immediately knelt down as his expression paled. "Prince Yun, please quell your anger. This lowly official was deceived by vile characters, but did not take any bribes. Please investigate clearly, Prince Yun."


"You can tell that to someone who will listen." Having said that, Yun Ruofeng turned and looked at the Assistant Registrar standing by the side and ordered, "County Magistrate Li is corrupted and cheats for his personal gains. He played favourites, committed irregularities, and colluded with the head constable to harm the people. His entire family shall be banished to the borderlands, and their status will be reduced to slaves for the rest of their lifetimes, bearing the same crime as the others in the prison cell."


The bailiff runner hastily obeyed the order. “Yes!”


"As for the Moon County Magistrate, this Prince already has someone in mind. He will be assuming position soon enough."


Once he was finished, Yun Ruofeng didn't spare a look at the County Magistrate who continued to kneel on the floor.


Once Yun Ruofeng had left, the County Magistrate could only stare at the floor with his glazed over eyes. It was if all strength had left his body. "It's all over, it's really all over!"


In reality, the County Magistrate was not as notoriously evil as Yun Ruofeng made him out to be. At the very least, he hadn’t deserved to be condemned to slavery for the rest of his life. The reason that Yun Ruofeng had punished him so harshly was because, as a subject of Nanzhao, he had actually taken orders from Pei Qianhao!


As the saying goes, "A good deed goes unnoticed, but a bad deed spreads fast." The County Magistrate being dismissed, as well as the fate of the Liu Family, had quickly spread throughout Moon County.


The citizens of all cheered; the muddleheaded county magistrate had been dismissed, and the evil Head Constable Liu was finally gone.


With them gone, Moon County would definitely prosper even more.


The people were elated, and attributed this change to Prince Yun. However, many also credited the young lady for bringing the Liu Family’s crimes to light. If she hadn't stepped in to teach Widow Liu a lesson and set off this chain of events, Prince Yun wouldn't have found out about it either.


Everyone on the streets, from the young to old, was talking about the matters of the Liu Family. Banished to the borderlands and slaves for life! This is a huge crime! The people were a bunch of country bumpkins, not having seen the outside world. Such a punishment instilled fear in them, but at the same time, they were elated that Moon County was rid of evildoers!


Zhang Zhuang had received the news early. He had been on his way to the store to get some spending money from Widow Liu, but paused when he saw the magistrate’s officials sealing off the doors of the Liu Family residence. When they left, he heard them talking about how the Liu Family had been reduced to slaves, and that they were to be banished to the borderlands.


How can that be? Isn't my future cash cow gone?


Zhang Zhuang thought of the young lady from yesterday. Does it have anything to do with her? Thinking deeper, Zhang Zhuang finally realised the lady's ability.


Widow Liu was completely defeated, and he didn’t dare to rely on her any longer. If anything, further association would only result in him being implicated.


Zhang Zhuang didn't have the courage to linger in front of the store upon this realisation, and left immediately. It's better to sever all ties!


He hurriedly rushed home. On the way home, he heard people from his village mentioning that someone had sent grains, money, and other essentials to his house.


Hearing that, Zhang Zhuang hastened his pace. That's great.


When he arrived in front of his house, his wife was right outside. He immediately approached her and slapped himself on the face. "Dear, I was wrong. I shouldn't be consumed by lust, and I shouldn't have gone with Widow Liu. I shouldn't have hit you."


Née Li was stunned momentarily. They had been husband and wife for some years, and she clearly knew Zhang Zhuang's motive.


She turned and walked off, entering the house without even acknowledging her former husband.


Her son, Xiaobao, walked out and held onto her hand. "Mother, can we go look for Big Sister?"


The 'Big Sister' Xiaobao was referring to was Su Xi-er. The latter was currently arriving at the Flowers Arrive Inn.

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When he arrived in front of his house, his wife was right outside. He immediately approached her and slapped himself on the face. "Dear, I was wrong. I shouldn't be consumed by lust, and I shouldn't have gone with Widow Liu. I shouldn't have hit you."

Rakumon: I can imagine him being very hypocritical as he does this lol