With Liu Gang in such a panicked state and begging for mercy, he was completely caught off guard by Yun Ruofeng’s sudden question.


"What? Do you not understand what this Prince asked?" Yun Ruofeng questioned.


"I do, I do." Liu Gang answered spontaneously, all the while trying to understand the relationship between Yun Ruofeng and that woman. He was desperately trying to come up with a way to phrase it so that he wouldn’t be harshly punished.


"Since you understood, why are you not speaking?" Yun Ruofeng questioned again.


"I will… I will…" Liu Gang stammered out. How exactly should I phrase it?


At last, Liu Gang's eyes lit up. "Prince Yun, this subordinate didn't mean to bully the woman. She was just too much. She lambasted my younger sister, Liu Tao, in public, and even hit her. As an elder brother, I was too agitated, and wanted to bring her to the Magistrate Office for interrogation."


Seeing that Yun Ruofeng had not reacted to his words, Liu Gang continued, "It's just that this subordinate… this subordinate was consumed by lust. I saw that she was good looking, and so Dayan, A-song, and I had the thought to… to…. But, this subordinate didn't actually come on to her…"


"At least there was no harm done in the end. Is that it?" Yun Ruofeng boomed, standing up suddenly.


Liu Gang's expression suddenly changed as he watched Yun Ruofeng retrieve a long blade from one of the shelves. His countenance immediately paled as his legs became weak. If he wasn’t securely tied up, he would have long since prostrated on the ground.


"Prince… Prince Yun, please have mercy, please have mercy!" No matter how stupid Liu Gang was, he could recognise what Yun Ruofeng’s intentions were.


A cold aura emanated from Yun Ruofeng. All he could think of was Liu Gang's words and Su Xi-er's face. If Liu Gang had been more capable, I'm afraid….


At this thought, Yun Ruofeng’s eyes were completely different from their usual warm splendour, becoming cold enough to frighten everyone around him.


"Prince Yun, please spare us, please spare us!"


Liu Gang's screams were too horrifying, badly frightening those beside him as well. They felt that Prince Yun wanted to kill them when they saw the gleaming cold blade. None of them could do anything besides beg for mercy. The man named Dayan was so frightened that he peed his pants, the smell of ammonia becoming pungent in the cell.


In a flash, the blade rose and fell!




"Ah!" "Ah!" "Ah!"


The chilling screams of the three men echoed through the entire prison. Even the guards outside couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat.


Yun Ruofeng stared at the three people in front of him. Liu Gang, Dayan, and A-song’s lower abdomens were covered in blood. A huge portion of their clothes had also been slashed off, and they all trembled for a moment before fainting from the overwhelming pain.


"Elder brother!" Widow Liu couldn't help but shriek when she saw her elder brother had lost his manhood. When she glanced back at Prince Yun, Widow Liu fainted dead away out of terror and panic.


They never thought that they would offend such a big shot for a seemingly powerless woman. It looks like they are really done for this time!


Clank! Yun Ruofeng tossed the blade to the ground as he walked out of the prison cell, not even sparing a look at the people in front of him.


The bailiff runners and County Magistrate were waiting outside. They had all been startled so badly that their hairs stood on end, and they didn’t dare to try to look into the cell.


"Prince… Prince Yun…" The County Magistrate smiled obsequiously. "May Prince Yun condemn this lowly official for being incompetent in preventing Liu Gang from stooping to such means. This lowly official will definitely perform his duties faithfully in the future to prevent such a thing."


"In the future?" Yun Ruofeng looked at the County Magistrate. "Why would there be any future? You colluded with the Head Constable to harm the people, extorting their hard-earned money. Do you think someone like yourself can continue being a county magistrate?"

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