She clearly heard every word Yun Ruofeng had spoken in the alley, but was just figuring everything out now after thinking it over.


Pei Qianhao had secretly had Head Constable Liu investigated before sending the evidence to the county’s Magistrate Office. The County Magistrate had thought that the evidence was sent by Prince Yun, and had immediately ordered the bailiff runners to confiscate the Liu Family’s assets before arresting all of them.


Pei Qianhao did not answer her. He closed his eyes and laid against the carriage walls, his thoughts drifting far away.


Su Xi-er observed him. Even he didn’t admit it, she was certain in her heart that Pei Qianhao had secretly helped her. Why did he do this? According to my understanding, Pei Qianhao is definitely not a busybody.


Back in the alleyway, the crowd had already dispersed. The County Magistrate had also returned to the Magistrate Office with Prince Yun.


Although Prince Yun maintained his gentle visage on the way, the County Magistrate was still trembling with fear. He raised his hand again and again to wipe off the beads of sweat on his forehead, fearing the entire way that Prince Yun would punish him. After all, the one who valued Head Constable Liu before the accident was...


Reaching the Magistrate Office, Yun Ruofeng asserted without even casting a glance at the County Magistrate. "This Prince will interrogate them personally."


"Y...Y...Yes." The Country Magistrate nodded repeatedly before gesturing in the direction of the prison. "Prince Yun, this way please."


In the prison, Liu Gang, Dayan, A-Song, and Widow Liu clamoured for mercy and pardon when they saw someone approaching.


Yun Ruofeng looked at these people impassively. They had all suffered a beating; terror was written all over their faces, and their bodies were all bruised up.


He made a hand gesture, signalling the jailer to stop.


The Country Magistrate glared at Liu Gang, wishing desperately that he could rewind time. If he had known that Prince Yun would be coming to Moon County when something like this happened, he wouldn’t have coveted the Liu Family’s money and turned a blind eye to Liu Gang’s actions.


He trailed after Prince Yun as if he was treading on eggs. I must perform well and show Prince Yun that I am actually still a pretty good County Magistrate.


Yun Ruofeng suddenly ordered, "All of you, withdraw."


There was a moment of silence in the cell before the county magistrate rapidly nodded like he was crushing garlic with his head. "Yes, yes, yes. This lowly official shall take my leave now."


In an instant, everyone else besides Yun Ruofeng and the prisoners had cleared out of the cell. The gentle aura that usually surrounding him had disappeared, replaced by an ice-cold disposition.


He then sat down on a chair at the corner of the cell and looked at those strapped on the racks in silence. Even when he was seated, his overbearing aura was unaffected.


Liu Gang observed Prince Yun, and felt that the latter had something on his mind, but continued to remain silent. It was this silence that was most tortuous to the ones waiting. 


Eventually, he cracked and began to beg for mercy, "Prince Yun, Prince Yun, this subordinate was really wrong. May Prince Yun have mercy, have mercy."


"Prince Yun, please spare our lives."


"Have mercy…"


Cries for leniency echoed in the otherwise dark and empty cell, with Widow Liu’s voice being the loudest of them all.


"Have mercy? What is there to have mercy on?" Yun Ruofeng asked without standing up, but his voice sent chills down their spines.


"Prince Yun, this subordinate was wrong. This subordinate should have been attentive to his duties instead of getting into illegal dealings and playing tricks. Prince Yun, this subordinate does not dare to do this anymore." Liu Gang repeatedly said "this subordinate" in every sentence, as if he really thought of himself as a subordinate of Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng stared at him, the smile on his face gradually fading. His bright eyes were like sharp blades, capable of killing without a touch.


"You wanted to come onto that woman?" Yun Ruofeng asked, his gaze remaining passive. Although he hadn’t mentioned a name, everyone in the cell knew who he was referring to.

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