However, the Moon County Magistrate who had been standing beside them felt that something was wrong. He suddenly came to his senses. The one who had sent the evidence to the Magistrate Office hadn’t been Prince Yun, but Prince Hao! This… how could I have made such a mistake?!


The County Magistrate observed Prince Yun with fear. If Prince Yun thinks that I’m someone who takes Nanzhao’s salary but is loyal to Beimin, I’m finished!


In an instant, a cold sweat broke out on the County Magistrate's forehead.


How could Pei Qianhao not understand the Yun Ruofeng was falsely accusing him on purpose?  If I really wanted to do something, it wouldn't be this simple.


Pei Qianhao squinted his eyes as a tinge of a smile oozed through them. He spoke with no emotions, "Prince Yun is thinking too much."


Not intending to get any further into this, he reached out to grab Su Xi-er’s hand before speaking with a forceful tone. "Go!"


Su Xi-er’s brows furrowed with his sudden tight grip at her wrist, but left with Pei Qianhao nevertheless. After several steps, Pei Qianhao’s grip had loosened, but it was clear that he had no intention to let go.


Standing outside the crowd, the eyelids of the Prince Hao Residence's imperial guard twitched. He watched Su Xi-er being pulled away by Prince Hao, and couldn't understand what was going on. Su Xi-er might be good-looking, but she is still an inferior maidservant. Considering how precious Prince Hao’s time is, it would have been completely normal for Prince Hao to leave Moon County without her.


Even if he hasn’t left without her, how could a normal maidservant dare to disappear for an entire night?! Not only did Su Xi-er do this, she even caused Prince Hao to wait for her. It would only be expected for her to be severely punished upon returning. Even being beaten to death is within the norm.


The imperial guard finally understood after pondering for so long. There's only one possibility. Prince Hao plans to bring Su Xi-er back to give her a piece of his mind in order to reestablish his authority.


The imperial guard felt that his thoughts were reasonable as he nodded to himself. At last, he picked up his pace and followed after Prince Hao and Su Xi-er.


In the distance, a pair of gentle eyes observed it all. The smile on Yun Ruofeng’s eyes, however, was only skin deep.


Prince Hao really cares about Su Xi-er. From the looks of it, this maidservant is Pei Qianhao's Achilles Heel. Su Xi-er looks like a calm person but can be easily agitated if someone challenges her bottom line. He had only met her a few times but she had already made an unforgettable mark in his mind. She had even…


Pei Qianhao brought Su Xi-er to the horse carriage and ordered with a darkened face. "Board the carriage!"


Su Xi-er glanced at it and responded, "Prince Hao, you need to cool off." She immediately boarded the carriage without waiting for his reaction.


Pei Qianhao's face went a shade darker. Cool off? Indeed, I need to cool off. He then swiftly boarded the horse carriage.


The imperial guard quickly made his way to the driver’s seat of the carriage under Pei Qianhao’s orders, but he was curious as to what was going on inside the vehicle itself. Prince Hao had a dark expression, but he didn't say he was going to punish Su Xi-er.


However, he caught himself before he could go any further with this train of thought. It wouldn’t be proper for an imperial guard to think so much about things like this. It’ll only be worse if I anger Prince Hao.


Thus, the imperial guard quickly cracked his horsewhip, prompting the carriage to start moving.


The tension inside the carriage was so thick that you could have cut it with a knife. Su Xi-er only sat in the corner and studied Pei Qianhao’s expressions, wanting to get an idea of what he was thinking.


He is totally unpredictable; angry at some times and happy in others. Even now, he seems to have a calm expression, but there’s no way to know if there are undercurrents brewing beneath the surface.


It was so silent in the horse carriage that one could hear a pin drop.

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Prince Hao plans to bring Su Xi-er back to give her a piece of his mind in order to reestablish his authority.

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