The onlookers were curious about the identity of the handsome man who suddenly walked out, but his cold aura immediately cowed any remaining interest. All that was left was fear. An imperceptible emotion flashed across Yun Ruofeng's eyes before he quickly reverted to his usual stance.


The crowd immediately parted as Pei Qianhao strolled over slowly. His disposition sent a shiver down everyone’s spine.


The surrounding commoners saw that the man was even more imposing than Prince Yun, and couldn’t help but wonder who he was. It was clear that he was either rich, or of noble status.


Alas, the correct answer was one that the commoners wouldn’t have thought of even if they were to crack their heads: Prince Hao of Beimin!


Su Xi-er looked up and just happened to catch Pei Qianhao's gaze. His eyes, which were usually as clear and bright as crystals, were currently dark and intimidating. Anybody on the receiving end of it would feel stifled, as if their heart was being clenched.


She hadn’t returned for a whole night, and was heavily delayed this morning. By this estimation, she had already been out for a long time.


Everyone watched the imposing newcomer with interest, but they only saw him approaching the young lady who had beaten up Head Constable Liu.


A formidable aura surrounded Su Xi-er. Pei Qianhao leaned down slightly before questioning in a low tone. "Where have you been since last night?" His voice could penetrate one's soul; despite it being pleasant to the ear, it was enough to send chills down someone’s spine.


He already knew the answer to this question, but still purposely asked.


Su Xi-er looked at him without even trying to explain. With his influence and ability, how could he not know where I have been?


Furthermore, Pei Qianhao is my master. Even if I provide an explanation, he only needs one word to blame me anyways. With that in mind, Su Xi-er felt that she had nothing to explain.


"What? Do you not wish to explain to this Prince? Are you not going to speak a single word?"


The two words "this Prince" reached the ears of the onlookers. The crowd’s curiosity had finally overcome their fear, and an uproar arose as they discussed this man who referred to himself as “this Prince.”


Since he proclaimed himself as "this Prince" then he must be a prince right? The only prince in Nanzhao is the Prince Regent. Could it be a prince from another nation?


Someone well-informed knew that a great personage of Beimin had recently arrived in the capital city. Although he didn’t know the exact identity of who had arrived, he knew that it was someone of noble status!


Eventually, Su Xi-er answered with a smile. "This servant saw a pitiful auntie on the road and stayed at her house for a night. May Prince Hao not take it to heart."


Since Pei Qianhao has already proclaimed himself as "this Prince," I won't call him Young Master anymore.


Su Xi-er words sounded like an apology but there wasn't a single hint of guilt or regret in her voice.


The two spoke as though no one else was around, completely disregarding the onlooking crowd.


On the other hand, the crowd had an explosive reaction to Su Xi-er’s words. Prince Hao… Prince Hao of Beimin, the most prestigious man in the whole world. In an instant, everyone had figured it out. No wonder the young lady dared to oppose the Liu Family; it turns out that the was Prince Hao’s maidservant!


For Prince Hao to bring a maidservant to Nanzhao, she almost certainly had a decent amount of status!


Yun Ruofeng took this chance to take a few steps forward, standing next to Su Xi-er as he faced Pei Qianhao with his usual smile.


"I didn't expect Prince Hao to dabble in the affairs of Nanzhao. Although this official committed a crime worthy of death, Moon County still belongs to Nanzhao. Prince Hao is the Prince Regent of Beimin. For you to directly interfere in the affairs of Nanzhao, makes others suspect you of having an ulterior motive."


The underlying meaning in Yun Ruofeng’s words was both clear and frightening in its implications: Pei Qianhao intended to conquer Nanzhao. 

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