Head Constable Liu rushed to support his sister’s words. "Prince Yun, this was indeed the case. Please do not misunderstand this subordinate."


He kept mentioning "this subordinate" repeatedly. If Yun Ruofeng’s subordinates were people like him, he wouldn’t be keeping his position of Prince Regent for long.


Suddenly, a flurry of footsteps could be heard. When the County Magistrate himself appeared from the crowd, the man’s legs seemed to have turned into jelly. His guess was spot on. The person who delivered the evidence and token was sent by Prince Yun!


Prince Yun hadn’t come to Moon County to admire the scenery and flowers, nor had he come on a whim. He had come for an inspection!


And it just so happens that he’s investigating the actions of Head Constable Liu, Liu Gang.


The County Magistrate was tripping over himself as he hastily bowed, looking to sever all ties with Liu Gang. "This lowly official begs Prince Yun for his forgiveness. Liu Gang is corrupt and received bribes, all the while dealing in illegal matters. This lowly official didn't investigate it properly, and left this bane here up till now. Luckily, you had arrived to investigate Liu Gang and delivered the evidence to me. This lowly official has already ordered the bailiff runners to seize the Liu Family's assets, and I was on my way here to arrest Liu Gang."


The County Magistrate then waved his hand and ordered the bailiff runners to arrest both Liu Gang and Widow Liu.


Liu Gang and Widow Liu were still stunned by the turn of events. What is the County Magistrate going on about? Seizing the Liu Family's assets?


At this moment, laughter escaped from Su Xi-er's lips. "Widow Liu, karma sure comes fast. Now that the Liu Family has gone down, will your lover still be with you? Even if you are to leave Moon County, you will still be spurned by others."


Every word was like a knife stabbing at Widow Liu's heart. Seeing that the bailiff runners were about to arrest her, she suddenly went mad and randomly grabbed at people. "Get out, get out of my way! You little bitch! You siren!


When Yun Ruofeng heard the words "bitch" and "siren," a tinge of displeasure glimmered in his bright eyes. The County Magistrate noticed it immediately, and motioned to the bailiff runners to arrest the shouting crazy woman as soon as possible.


Even as the bailiff runners arrested them, Head Constable Liu still hadn’t come to his senses. It was as though he had become silly, and Widow Liu was still in a crazed state. Very swiftly, along with A-song and Dayan, the four of them were arrested and brought back to the Magistrate Office.


The Country Magistrate remained even after the bailiff runners had left. He had to carefully manage the fallout of this incident by appeasing Prince Yun.


Currently, the only noise was the buzzing discussion of the crowd.


"Serves Liu Gang right. He brought it upon himself. He wanted to come onto that young woman in the alley, but who knew that he would be the one beaten up instead? Now, all of Liu Family's assets are to be confiscated, and they are reduced to nothing."


The Liu Family would be flipped upside down today, and all their properties had been confiscated. From here, they would only continue to decline until their status was below even that of a poor family. As a result, the crowd was no longer afraid to speak their mind.


When Yun Ruofeng heard the words "come onto," his brows slightly furrowed, but soon returned to normal


His gaze turned to Su Xi-er. "Are you alright?"


Su Xi-er shook her head. "Thank you for your concern, Prince Yun. This servant is heading back to Flowers Arrive Inn."


"Are you still avoiding this Prince?" Yun Ruofeng took a step forward, lowering his voice so that only the two of them could hear him.


Su Xi-er took a step back and retorted. "This is not avoiding, but keeping a safe distance."


"Keeping a safe distance indeed." Yun Ruofeng chuckled. This chuckle was clearly heard by the surrounding crowd.


Almost immediately, everyone was immersed in Prince Yun's gentle chuckle. It was like the spring wind blowing past one's ears: extremely comforting. With Prince Yun in charge of Nanzhao, we no longer have to fear what comes in the future. Our days will only get better!


Their reactions were all seen by Su Xi-er. Without saying a word, she sneered in her heart and turned away.


However, Su Xi-er had only taken a few steps when she saw some familiar robes behind the crowd. It was... Pei Qianhao.

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