The commotion in the alley was too great to ignore, and although there weren’t many people around, anybody who did come by was immediately attracted by Widow Liu’s cries. All the bystanders could recognise Widow Liu and her elder brother. They were stunned to see the latter beaten to such an extent despite his robust figure.


As for who was responsible, there was no need to guess. It was the young lady right next to them. Some of the bystanders recognised her as the one who helped Née Li teach Widow Liu a lesson that day.


To think that the delicate-looking lady is actually so powerful! Everyone immediately vented their grievances and doubts about the Liu Family as soon as they saw them in such a state. Both of them really deserve it! Widow Liu was pompous just because her family had some money, and would go out of her way to flirt with any handsome man she saw. As for her elder brother, he was known to be involved in many illegal dealings.


However, people of Moon County had never been able to say this out loud. Everything in Moon County was fine besides Widow Liu and her brother. In fact, it wasn’t just them but the whole Liu Family.


As for the County Magistrate, the wealthy Liu Family probably gifted him some money every year. It was due to this that Constable Liu had such a great status, and dared to be so unrestrained.


Finally, someone had appeared to punish them. Even if it was a lady, it still allowed everyone to vent.


Upon looking closer though, it seemed that this lady was a foreigner, and didn’t have any background. By helping Née Li and thereby offending the Liu Family, it could be said that her future days would be unfortunate. Logically, the magistrate’s office would arrest her if they had someone investigate this.


Widow Liu stretched out her trembling hand. "You bitch, watch how I deal with you next time!"


However, before Su Xi-er could say anything, a man’s clear and bright voice came forth. Everyone was astonished. It was...


"What a crowd, why doesn’t this Prince join this party as well?"


Without even looking, Su Xi-er could tell that the newcomer was Yun Ruofeng just from his voice.


Many people in the crowd had already seen Yun Ruofeng and immediately knelt once they recognized him. "This peasant pays his(her) respects to Prince Yun."


Hearing the two words "Prince Yun," the air of arrogance around Widow Liu was instantly dissipated. Her elder brother, who was beaten to such a state, was the first to react.


Head Constable Liu immediately pressed down on his sister's shoulders, forcing her to bow before he followed suit and deferentially greeted, "This subordinate pays his respects to Prince Yun."


Yun Ruofeng was all smiles. He first took a glance at Su Xi-er before turning to look at Head Constable Liu. "This Prince doesn't know you; why do you claim to be this Prince's subordinate?"


With how swollen Head Constable Liu’s face was, his forced smile gave one a feeling of disgust. "Prince Yun, this subordinate is a constable in Moon County Magistrate Office. Since this subordinate’s loyalty lies with Nanzhao, I am also considered your subordinate."


A glint of coldness flickered in Su Xi-er's eyes. Haha, how nice sounding. Your loyalty lies with Nanzhao, and are thus a subordinate of Prince Yun. So in Head Constable Liu's heart, Yun Ruofeng is the Emperor of Nanzhao?


With Su Xi-er recognising this, it was impossible that Yun Ruofeng didn’t do the same. No matter what Yun Ruofeng thought of such a statement, he couldn’t agree with such a thing in public.


Hence, Yun Ruofeng waved his hands. "You were wrong to say that. This Prince's loyalty lies with Nanzhao as well. However, are you still capable of being a constable after being easily beaten up by a woman?"


Widow Liu’s expression stiffened, while Constable Liu revealed a terrified look. Worried that her elder brother would lose his position, Widow Liu immediately interceded, "Prince Yun, this woman hit my brother first. How could he seriously fight against a woman? He was unable to retaliate, and could only allow himself to be struck, otherwise, how could he have ended up in such a state? May Prince Yun please investigate thoroughly!"

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