Constable Liu couldn’t believe that he had lost to a young girl. His hand shook as he craned his neck and pointed at Su Xi-er. “You…”


“What about me?” Su Xi-er walked up and stepped on his back to stop him from getting up. “Didn’t you just say that you wanted me to beg you for mercy? Who is the one begging now?”


Constable Liu knew that he couldn’t win against this woman and begged. “Miss, please have mercy on us; we really didn’t mean to harm you. I wouldn’t have dared oppose you if it wasn’t for my sister. Please let us go.”


It wasn’t the first time that Su Xi-er had seen tricks like this, how could she believe him so easily?


“Oh? Want me to let you go?”


“Yes, yes, yes. Miss, please let us go. We won’t dare to attack you again.” Constable Liu quickly pleaded, thinking that Su Xi-er didn’t notice the cold glint in his eyes. It was unfortunate for him that this tiny display of emotion was as bright as a lantern in the dead of night to Su Xi-er.


The other two men also begged for mercy immediately. This was their usual trick. If they couldn’t win in a fight, they would lower themselves and beg for mercy. As long as we can get away, who cares how low we have to go? We can just take revenge later.


“Okay, if you want me to let you go, then call me ‘Grandaunt’[1] three times, and call yourselves shameless bitches ten times!”




“Elder Brother?” Widow Liu suddenly yelled. Such a scene was completely out of her expectations!


Her elder brother and the other two men laid on the ground howling, while the woman who lectured her yesterday stepped on her brother’s back.


“Ah!” Widow Liu shrieked loudly. Su Xi-er went up quickly to grab her, preventing the latter’s escape.


“What? Are you scared?” Su Xi-er grabbed her by the collar and asked with a trace of viciousness in her eyes. It stunned Widow Liu speechless.


“You… What do you want to do? You let me go, let me go!” Widow Liu screamed loudly and couldn’t hide the fear in her eyes.


Su Xi-er saw Widow Liu as a mirror image of Ning Anlian. They are both shameless and ruthless. They will only cause harm to others if they remain alive! How can women like this be qualified to survive!


“Are you scared of dying?” Su Xi-er asked.


“You… What do you mean? Not only have you have injured my brother, but you also intend to kill me? It is a crime to kill someone. Aren’t you scared of going to jail?” Widow Liu’s body trembled.


Su Xi-er sneered when she heard Widow Liu’s words. “If I don’t fear even death, how could I be afraid of going to jail?”


“You, you…”


“Are you scared?” Su Xi-er asked.


Widow Liu didn’t know why, but she nodded. I am scared. Very scared. The gaze of this woman is too terrifying. She felt chills down her back when she glanced sideways and saw her brother, Dayan, and A-song, all beaten to the ground.


She recoiled and implored, “Miss, please have mercy on me. I won’t dare anymore, I won’t dare.”


Widow Liu frantically beseeched but her gaze suddenly changed. She thought that Su Xi-er didn’t see it, but the latter suddenly turned her body.


“Ah!” Widow Liu yelped, her face ghastly white.


Su Xi-er lifted her left leg and quickly kicked Widow Liu’s waist. In an instant, Widow Liu was kicked to the ground and swallowed a mouthful of dust.


The two Liu siblings slowly pushed themselves up from the ground. Having lost to Su Xi-er, they didn’t dare to try anything else at this point. The big lumps on their face were a testament to how badly they had lost.

1. Calling a woman a great aunt means that you are lower than them and will listen to them.

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