Su Xi-er slowed her footsteps and carefully listened to the sounds behind her.


“Big Brother Liu, she already went in. The alley doesn’t usually have any pedestrians, so it looks like we can… hehe…”


The man’s eye was full of lust, showing how eager he was.


Constable Liu nodded. “Mmm, let’s do it here then. You two, go that way and block her from both sides.”




The two were smiling lecherously, their footsteps becoming rushed when they thought of how beautiful that woman was.


Shortly after, Su Xi-er could see the two men appear in front of her with lascivious expressions.


“Young lady, where are you going?” The tall, slender man rubbed his fists and stepped closer and closer to her with libidinous eyes.


The short man also couldn’t help it and giggled. “Come to this elder brother; this elder brother will dote on you.”


Su Xi-er looked at the two men coldly, took two steps back, and saw another person behind her.


I wasn’t afraid even when facing thousands of soldiers to protect my country and citizens during the war. Why would I be afraid of these hooligans?


Constable Liu observed Su Xi-er closely, gradually noticing that she was beautiful beyond words.


However, he didn’t forget that he was here to obtain justice for his younger sister. Even if we kill this little beauty, I will let her know who she offended first.


The three men surrounded Su Xi-er, with the latter coldly glaring at them before speaking, “Who are you?”


“Hahaha… who we are? Soon you will know who we are. I am your elder brother who will dote on you!” The short man laughed excitedly, as if he wanted to grab her immediately and ravage her.


“Humph, what audacious words? Aren’t you scared that you won’t live to enjoy it?”


“Hahaha, why? Even if you are strong, how can you win against three of us? Just obediently come with us; this elder brother will dote on you. Otherwise…”


The short man didn’t finish his sentence before Constable Liu suddenly interjected, “Are you the woman who bullied my younger sister yesterday?”


“Your younger sister? Do I know her?” Su Xi-er said on purpose.


“Humph, you humiliated my sister on the streets yesterday, and you tell me you don’t know her?” He pointed at Su Xi-er and waited for her to admit her guilt.


However, Su Xi-er suddenly sneered as if realisation dawned upon her. “Oh, so that shameless widow is your younger sister. As her brother, shouldn’t you lock up such a shameless woman at home? Instead of that, here you are strolling around. It looks like your skin is just as thick as your sister’s!”




“What about me? If your younger sister dares to behave so shamelessly, shouldn’t she be prepared to face the consequences?” Su Xi-er’s gaze suddenly became intense as she interrupted him.


Su Xi-er’s eyes made Constable Liu a bit guilty and apprehensive. This woman’s gaze is too horrifying, and it is making me feel very nervous.


He suddenly felt apprehension in his chest, but he couldn’t tell what was causing it.


When he saw the proud smile of the woman in front of him, Constable Liu remembered how sadly his sister had cried last night, and how haggard she looked today. The pleading words ‘obtain justice for me’ filled his mind.


Besides, despite being so beautiful, this woman doesn’t look like she has any power or support in Moon County.


In Moon County, I am the most powerful person after the County Magistrate. As long as we cover this up properly, there won’t be any problems.


Once he had finished thinking it through, all the worries in Constable Liu’s head were gone. His eyes showed a vicious glint.


He snorted. “Humph, you have a glib tongue. But you’ll soon be begging me for mercy on the ground. Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance first! Dayan, A-song, catch her! Just you wait. Soon, you will be begging for mercy under my body!”


The short man and the thin man hastily nodded upon hearing his orders. “Yes.” Without another word, they gradually closed in on Su Xi-er with their wicked claws.

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