When the short man heard this, his eyes lit up as he too asked, “Is that really okay?”


Constable Liu smacked them, looking at Dayan and A-song with an annoyed face. “I haven’t even said a word yet; what are you anxious about?”


My younger sister has already told me that the woman is beautiful. I wonder how it feels to do that with her?


He had slept with a lot of women, but never one who was both shrewish and beautiful. It must feel so good that my soul will be seized, right?


When the two saw his expression, they giggled. “Of course, of course.”


Widow Liu cast a sidelong glance at the three men and muttered, “All you men are the same, unable to do anything when you see a beautiful woman. Seeing as how she’ll be sold to a brothel anyways though, we should at least take our share first. Elder Brother, you all should enjoy her slowly before selling her for a few silvers. But remember we have agreed that the silvers will be mine.”


“Okay, okay.”


Having come to a consensus, the four of them were naturally delighted and swiftly went to find Su Xi-er.


When they finally saw Su Xi-er, she was eating buns from a shop on Apricot Street. Almost immediately, the three men were stunned to the point that their saliva almost dripped from their mouths.


Constable Liu immediately asked his younger sister, “Sister, is that the woman who bullied you?”


“Yes, that’s her!”


When this was confirmed, Constable Liu’s eyes nearly fell to the floor. It must feel absolutely good to have this kind of peerless beauty pressed under my body!


It’s just that she looks so weak. Did she really beat up my strong sister yesterday? That’s unbelievable!


However, the spicier she is, the better! Usually the woman that I spend the night with are the weak ones. Now that there’s someone so daring in front of me, I must enjoy this unique taste.


“She has left,” someone shouted.


Constable Liu hastily instructed, “Quick, let’s follow her.”


Widow Liu walked slowly, so she asked the three men to follow her. We’ll act once she rounds the corner and enters the alley where there is nobody around. Then, even if she screams loudly, there will be nobody to save her.


Su Xi-er was constantly on high alert. This was something that her past life had taught her. I have already died once, so I can only be more cautious in this lifetime. I will not trust anyone easily. 


Due to this, she had quickly noticed that there were people following her.


She maintained her composure, pretending that she didn’t notice anything as she walked forward and carefully kept tabs on the people behind her.


At the start, she thought that they were a group of local riffraff who were following her because she looked unfamiliar. But as she turned the corner, she saw a familiar figure. It’s that Widow Liu who I taught a lesson to yesterday.


Su Xi-er wasn’t dumb and immediately put two and two together. Besides, Widow Liu did mention her elder brother yesterday.


Née Li had told me to beware of Widow Liu. The latter’s family is known to be a malignant force in Moon County. As for her elder brother, he’s an overbearing constable who is favoured by the County Magistrate.


It’s not hard to know that these people were sent by Widow Liu’s elder brother, and I’m also very clear about what she’s after.


Su Xi-er could’ve returned to Flowers Arrive Inn via a different path than the long alley in front of her, but chose not to.

Since these people want to catch me, then let them try. When she turned the corner, an alley with almost no pedestrians appeared.

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