The two separated and walked in opposite directions. The tall man approached the magistrate’s office, while the short man walked towards another street and stopped in front of the grocery shop that sold rice, grains, oil, and salt.


“Elder Sister Liu, Elder Sister Liu.” The short man named Dayan shouted.


Shortly after, the voice of someone cursing could be heard. “What are you shouting at; can’t you see that I am busy?”


“Sister Liu, we saw that woman.”


“What woman?” A person walked out from the inside. Who else could it be other than Widow Liu?


“The one who bullied you yesterday; A-song and I saw her.”


When Widow Liu heard it was that woman, her face immediately changed. She viciously stared at the short man in front of her and asked, “Where is she?”


The short man was frightened by Widow Liu. He knew that she was a bold and unreasonable woman, and hastily answered, “We just saw her on Apricot Street.”




She could still feel the fury in her chest when she thought about the beating and embarrassment she had suffered yesterday. Not only did Zhang Zhuang not comfort me, he even scolded me for lying to him about being pregnant!


Sigh, would I need to lie if it wasn’t because I wanted an official status? Although Zhang Zhuang isn’t particularly reliable, he has good looks and a sweet mouth. There were a few women that wanted him, and Zhang Zhuang wouldn’t have been willing to leave that bitch like he did if I hadn’t tricked him!


But now, my plan was ruined by a busybody. I can’t hold onto my anger any longer!


The humiliation that I suffered yesterday was worse than anything I’ve ever experienced! I will make sure to ruthlessly punish this woman who doesn’t know her place. Then she will know how powerful I am.


“Did you inform my elder brother?”


“I already told A-song to find him; A-song and I will handle this. Sister Liu, please don’t worry. As long as she doesn’t leave Moon County, I will find her!”


“Humph, that’s good. Let’s go; take me there.”




Just as the two began to head down an alleyway, the man named A-song came walking over with Constable Liu.


“Younger Sister, are you okay?” Constable Liu saw his sister and asked in a caring tone.


Widow Liu knew that her brother was powerful, and as a result, had become arrogant over the years.


Last night, she had already visited her maiden family, and cried to her elder brother and sister-in-law. They all hated the woman who ruined her plan.


Thus, when she saw her brother now, Widow Liu couldn’t help but cry again.


“Big brother, Dayan said that he saw the woman heading down Apricot Street. After that woman ruined my reputation, how am I to continue living in Moon County? This woman is too abominable. Please obtain justice for me.”


Constable Liu’s heart ached when he saw his sister on the verge of tears again.


He had always doted on his sister. Her husband died years ago, and it wasn’t easy for her to fall for someone else. However, the man that she fell for has a wife.


Our family background isn’t bad, and my sister is great; how can she be someone’s concubine? As such, he somewhat supported his sister faking her pregnancy.


The Liu Family has money, and the family of my sister’s previous husband was well-off as well. She can only become Zhang Zhuang’s main wife.


Because of this, we can’t allow the person who ruined my sister’s plan to stay.


When he thought of this, murderous glint flickered across Constable Liu’s eyes.


Widow Liu looked at her brother as she wiped the tears off her face with a handkerchief. She said sadly. “Brother, this time you must let that woman suffer for bullying me! It would be best to sell her to a brothel so that she can be ruined by being pressed under thousands of people. We mustn’t let her live properly!”


“Sister Liu, will you let us two brothers have a taste before she is sold to the brothel? We can’t let it be wasted, right?”

A glint of evilness flickered across the thin man’s eyes, as if he wanted to fiercely press the woman who bullied sister Liu under him right now. We will see if she dares to act so arrogantly again!

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