The manager raised his head when he finished speaking, his heart almost jumping out of his chest when he saw the unhappy expression on his customer’s face.


“Withdraw.” Pei Qianhao coldly said. When the manager heard this, he trembled and bowed before stepping out of the room, being sure to gingerly close the door behind him.


As Pei Qianhao slowly pushed open the windows to look down on the street, only three characters appeared in his mind ー Su Xi-er.


Since this is a matter of Nanzhao, it’s inconvenient for me to get involved for no reason. I’ll just watch how she handles things for now. As for when I will intervene, I have my own plans for that.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened as he ruminated.


The next day, Su Xi-er watched as the slightly red sun slowly rise and gradually light up the room.


The rooster crowed loudly, and there were already people working in the nearby fields.


Su Xi-er felt much more relaxed as the scent of freshly turned soil tickled her nose.


Su Xi-er didn’t return to Flowers Arrive Come Inn last night. Xiaobao’s mother said that she didn’t feel well after dinner, and had chills and a fever after that. Née Li finally got a little better after I worked until late at night.


“Miss Xi-er, are you leaving?” Née Li saw her walking out of the door and quickly asked.


If it weren’t for this young lady last night, I wouldn’t be alive. Her heart ached when she thought of Xiaobao being alone without anyone looking after him.


She had thought about a lot of things last night, and come to the realisation that she couldn’t rely on her husband anymore. I must get stronger by myself.


When Su Xi-er saw Née Li getting up, she nodded towards her. “Ma’am, I have been out for too long, it’s time to go back.”


“Go back after breakfast!” Née Li waved her hand back at Su Xi-er.


There isn’t much food at home anymore, but this is my saviour. I want her to at least have some food before she leaves.


How could Su Xi-er not know the situation at this house? Last night’s meal could only be considered average by an ordinary family’s standards, but it was the very best that this family could give.


It was obvious from how hungry Xiaobao had been during dinner last night that this family doesn’t have enough to eat.


Su Xi-er looked at Née Li and replied, “Ma’am, I’m already late in returning as it is. I can’t spend any more time here, but thank you for the meal last night.”


“Xiaobao and I should thank you.”


“There’s no need for thanks. Just make sure that you take care of Xiaobao. You need to think about yourselves from now on, and not waste too much time on someone like your husband. As long as you are not dead, no matter who is missing from your life, you can still live on.”


Née Li seemed like she understood. “Sigh, I know. I will look after Xiaobao well in the future.”


Su Xi-er didn’t say anything else before heading out of the old village by herself, leaving Née Li and Xiaobao to watch her as from the entrance of their home.


Although she said those words to Née Li, they were also meant for herself.


As long as you are alive, nobody can take that away from you You will only lose everything when you are dead.


I thought that Yun Ruofeng was the sky back then, and that I would die without him. It was only when I died that I realised that the more hopes and expectations I had of him, the more pitiful my outcome. Just you wait for betraying me, Yun Ruofeng and Ning Anlian!


Her hands were tightly clenched into fists as she walked. After half an hour, she finally arrived back in Moon County.


However, there were people sneakily following from behind.


“It’s her, it’s her!” A short hunchbacked man exclaimed.


Next to him was a slender and tall man with a face full of freckles. He carefully took note of her appearance before he confirmed, “Yes, that is the woman. Hurry, I will report to Constable Liu. Dayan, you go and tell Elder Sister Liu.”



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