“Miss He, this servant doesn’t know the Third Imperial Prince.” Su Xi-er disassociated herself from Situ Li. Then, she took the fragrance sachet and placed it near her nose to take a sniff. Although the fragrance sachet smelled nice, its contents were also mixed with safflower[1].

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Carrying this fragrance sachet for prolonged periods will cause a woman to become sterile, causing her to have a miscarriage even if she becomes pregnant. By giving this to me, the Empress Dowager’s motives are...


She’s afraid that I will become pregnant? How ridiculous. Whose child am I going to be pregnant with?


“Is the fragrance sachet pleasant smelling? Since it has been bestowed to you, you have to wear it every day.”


Su Xi-er nodded and nimbly hung the fragrance sachet at her waist. “Many thanks to the Empress Dowager for bestowing this gift. This servant will wear it every day.”


He Ying inwardly snorted, turning around to leave. I’ll instruct Old Maidservant Zhao later to make sure Su Xi-er keeps that fragrance sachet on her every day.


After He Ying’s figure disappeared, Su Xi-er untied the fragrance sachet from her waist. The Empress Dowager is really thinking too much. However, even if I don’t plan to get pregnant, it doesn’t represent that I am willing to lose the ability to get pregnant.


Su Xi-er, recognising that she needed to replenish her strength, proceeded to polish off what was left of the roast chicken. Afterwards, she went out while carrying the fragrance sachet.


She walked to the side of the well. This fragrance sachet came at just the right time. She removed the safflower inside the bag, replacing it with medicinal herbs.


“Su Xi-er!” someone shouted.


She looked in the direction of the sound and realised that it was Hong Li.


“You have to be careful. Old Maidservant Zhao isn’t sincerely treating you well. She just promised Miss He to monitor you. There’s definitely more to this fragrance sachet. Otherwise, Miss He wouldn’t have mentioned it repeatedly.”


“Mhm. Continue to monitor,” Su Xi-er acknowledged as she plucked out the medicinal herbs.


“Why are you pulling up the wild grass?” Hong Li crouched down and observed the grass carefully.


Right at this moment, an old woman’s voice sounded. It was precisely Old Maidservant Zhao.


“Hong Li, since when has your relationship with Su Xi-er been this good?”


Right afterwards, Old Maidservant Zhao saw Su Xi-er push Hong Li.


Hong Li understood immediately. She pretended to be extremely antipathetic towards Su Xi-er. “Don’t be too caught up with yourself. With this bewitching appearance of yours, you’ll die sooner or later. Didn’t the Empress Dowager merely bestow something different to you! What are you putting airs on for?”


“If you have the capability, make the Empress Dowager bestow a completely unique fragrance sachet to you.”


Old Maidservant Zhao could hear the complacency in Su Xi-er’s tone and couldn’t help but be puzzled. The current Su Xi-er is a little stupid! 


At this moment, Hong Li went to snatch the fragrance sachet again.


Patter! The fragrance sachet dropped to the ground, causing the flower petals inside to spill everywhere.


There were some fragments of red flower petals on the ground. Old Maidservant Zhao had sharp eyes, and immediately recognised the bits of red petals as safflower.


The Empress Dowager bestowed such a thing to Su Xi-er. Could it be that she suspects her of stealing her man? It can’t be that...


She kept on claiming that she has a backer, yet doesn’t clarify who it is. If a woman dares to say that, it definitely means that she has offered her body! Clearly, she thinks that whoever it is views her with importance!


Could it be that Su Xi-er has climbed into a puissant man’s bed under my very eyes?


Old Maidservant Zhao was flabbergasted by her bold conjecture. In her moment of daze, Su Xi-er had already removed the remaining pieces of safflower and exchanged them with some medicinal herbs in the fragrance sachet.


Hong Li blinked at her and lowered her voice, “Don’t forget who helped you today.”


Su Xi-er’s eyes were slightly narrowed as she smiled. “My words naturally count. However, you need to let me see your value.”


“My usefulness is immense.” Hong Li replied in a low voice. Finally, she exerted strength in both her hands and pushed Su Xi-er to the ground.

1. Fun Fact: The Chinese name is literally ‘Red Flower’.


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