As soon as he had taken a few steps down the hall, the Miss from the room ran out to chase him. “I want you to apologise to this Miss! What, you were daring enough to look, but not enough to admit it?”


The air around Pei Qianhao became cold. “Miss, it’s useless playing cat and mouse with me. If you keep pestering me, then you are just being unappreciative.”


When the woman heard this, she became enraged. “How dare you! I can’t believe there are people like you in this world! Do you really call yourself a man?!” The woman raised her foot and was ready to kick Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao easily dodged before giving her a cold glance, not sparing her another thought before heading towards the stairs. That damn Su Xi-er, where is she!


The shop assistant saw that Pei Qianhao’s expression was poor, and ran forward to receive him. Before he could speak, however, he was silenced by the latter’s gaze.


Pei Qianhao directly left Flowers Arrive Inn, watching as an imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence came up to him before softly saying, “Reporting to Prince Hao, Su Xi-er hasn’t returned yet.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t say anything and snorted to himself. How audacious. If I don’t punish her, she will become too cocky.


“Prince Hao, Su Xi-er will be back. Why not wait at the Flowers Arrive Inn?” The imperial guard bravely suggested and observed Prince Hao’s expression carefully.


Sigh, Su Xi-er made Prince Hao unhappy again.


However, the woman donned in the goose yellow dress chose this moment to run down the stairs and stop in front of Pei Qianhao.


“You, hurry and apologise to this Miss.” The woman’s tone was arrogant, lacking any sort of fear.


The expression of the imperial guard immediately changed. He solemnly barked, “Impudent!”


The woman raised her hand and patted her chest on purpose. “Oh I am going to be frightened to death. What, you won’t apologise and asked this dog next to you bite me instead?”


Pei Qianhao glanced at her and instructed his imperial guard. “I’ll leave this to you.” After he finished, he left the inn.


When the woman saw this, she was immediately started to chase after him. “You are a cowardly man. You saw this Miss’ body and left without even apologising!”


The imperial guard’s eye twitched when he heard this. Prince Hao looked at this young lady’s body? It can’t be?


The imperial guard looked at the woman carefully. Tsk tsk, she is not as beautiful as Su Xi-er, nor does she have Su Xi-er’s bright eyes. If Prince Hao wanted to see anyone’s body, it would be Su Xi-er’s.


When the woman saw the imperial guard’s gaze on her, she snorted. “If you keep looking, this Miss will gouge out your dog eyes!”


“Miss, my master is not someone you can offend. Please restrain yourself. You look like a woman who isn’t married yet. Isn’t it shameful to shout so loudly that your body was seen by a man?”


The imperial guard’s words had completely enraged the woman. She raised her foot and violently stepped down on the guard’s instep. “If your master doesn’t feel ashamed, then why should I? I will get even with him.”


The guard didn’t dare to let her leave, and immediately drew his sword to block her. “Please be careful. I have been ordered to block you, whether you are alive or dead. I will not go easy on you.”


“Hmph, are there are no rules anymore? Do you know who I am?” The woman’s eyes became cold with a heroic appearance.


“No matter who you are, I will use my blade freely if you keep pestering my master.”


“You!” The woman was so enraged that she became speechless, though she could do nothing but bottle up her anger inside.


I, Mei Jinxiu, have operated the drug store for many years. Not only that, my family is from a long line of doctors with a reputation in Nanzhao, and I am known as this generation’s female miracle doctor. I have always been raffish toward others since, according to the teachings of the Mei family, if any part of my body was seen by a man after I became an adult, even if it’s just the shoulders, they must take responsibility and marry me.


Since that man saw my body, I am his in this lifetime.

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Since that man saw my body, I am his in this lifetime.

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