With that, she hurriedly stood up and retreated further away. How does that look like she was pushed and suffered a miscarriage? There isn't even a speck of blood.


The two physicians looked at each other in dismay, unable to make heads or tails of Widow Liu’s behaviour.


"Hmph, you don’t dare to let a physician take your pulse? Are you afraid of being found out?" Su Xi-er taunted as she crouched slightly.


"What… what are you saying? I don't understand what you mean." Widow Liu continued to pretend that she knew nothing.


"You can continue to pretend, but I’d like to see if you can really give birth in seven months!"


The crowd burst into an uproar. Those who thought deeper about it clearly understood her words.


Does that mean that Widow Liu is faking her pregnancy?


It wasn’t just the crowd that was shocked; even Zhang Zhuang looked at Widow Liu in stupefaction.


He asked, "Tao-er, is what they said true?"


"No, it's not…" Widow Liu fumbled with her words, but Su Xi-er interrupted her before she could complete her sentence.


"If you’re going to say that you’ve had a miscarriage for me pushing you, let the physician diagnose it then. Do a diagnosis on the spot. If you are not willing, you must have a guilty conscience."


Widow Liu didn't speak another word. She clearly understood that the baby in her stomach was all an excuse to tie Zhang Zhuang down.


His qualifications may not be very attractive, but he’s good looking. After being a widow for so long, I want a husband without it being a secret affair.


But to think that the plan was exposed by this chit of a girl!


I didn’t tell this to anyone, so how would this lass know about it?


The standoff lasted for some time until everyone finally figured it out. Widow Liu had clearly faked her pregnancy. She had wanted to blame someone for causing a miscarriage, but hadn’t expected the other party to have a physician do an examination.


The insults hurled by the crowd grew increasingly venomous, and even though Widow Liu was mentally strong, she still walked away in disgrace.


Zhang Zhuang tailed after, calling out "Tao-er" as he chased after her. Things couldn’t be more intimate between them.


Su Xi-er took one look and knew that as long as this man had some money, he would quickly dump this shrewish Widow Liu in an even worse fashion than he had his wife.


The crowd began to disperse after the commotion died down, having had their fill of entertainment.


Née Li held her son, Xiaobao, in an embrace as she sobbed, her tears and mucus flowing down her face.


Su Xi-er watched them, but her heart wasn't feeling any better. Though she had stood up for them, the woman's family was still destroyed.


Just as Su Xi-er was prepared to leave, a voice came from behind her. "Miss, thank you."


She turned around and smiled at Née Li. "You're welcome. I didn't help much. Widow Liu brought it upon herself. Even if I hadn’t dealt with her, someone would have sooner or later."


Née Li didn’t understand the shady details. She only knew that her husband was really gone for good this time. The marriage she had worked so hard for only existed nominally, but had in fact fallen through. I’ll just let it go now.


"Miss, no matter what, I want to thank you. You can drop by my house if you don't mind."


Su Xi-er pondered before eventually nodding in agreement.


The three people walked on the loess lane in the village. Née Li kept reiterating that her small hut was shabby and asked Su Xi-er not to mind.


However, what had Su Xi-er not seen? How would she mind?


But when she saw Née Li's house - the broken windows and rotten tiles, as well as a chair by the table with a missing leg, she never thought that a man could actually ruin his household into such a state! Why should a man like this continue to exist on this Earth?


Née Li was a little embarrassed and could only smile. "Miss, please don't mind. We have no choice as Zhuang took all the money at home and squandered it. Our original house was also sold, leaving only this."


"I don't mind, Ma’am. It’s not your fault." Having said that, Su Xi-er didn’t have any words left. 


Née Li saw that it was already evening and decided to quickly make some dishes to thank Su Xi-er.

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