Zhang Zhuang, who was suddenly able to control his body, hurriedly tried to explain. "Tao-er, listen to my explanation. It's not what you think."


"Then what is it supposed to be?" Widow Liu disregarded everything else and directly lashed out at Zhang Zhuang, striking him on the head. The surrounding crowd felt as though they were watching an exciting the drama unfolding before them.


"Tao-er, I didn't say anything just now. I didn't say anything."


"Then why did you nod? Do you think I have no idea what your intentions are? I’ll have my elder brother break your legs if you even think about leaving after getting your hands on my family’s wealth."


"It was an accident. Something struck my chin, and the pain made me involuntarily nod." Zhang Zhuang randomly cooked up an explanation, but was afraid of hurting her feelings as well.


His gaze shifted onto Su Xi-er to see her smiling. It was obvious that she had played a part in this.


He immediately held onto Widow Liu's hand. "Tao-er, it's all her doing! I only nodded because of some sorcery she cast."


Widow Liu wasn't a fool either. She realised after hitting him that Zhang Zhuang wasn’t the type of person to have enough courage to offend her so openly.


She came forward in a huff. This time around, she mustered all her strength. She didn’t underestimate Su Xi-er as a weak and frail woman like before.


Unfortunately, Su Xi-er still caught both of her hands.


With a light push, Widow Liu fell onto the ground. Immediately after, she cried out, "Ouch, ouch."


"My baby, my baby…" Widow Liu wore a pained expression, her hand clutching her stomach as though she was at the brink of death.


Su Xi-er looked on coldly. I sure want to find out how long this woman can continue her act.


Zhang Zhuang was now panicked and terrified. "Tao-er, are you okay?"


"My baby, am I going to lose my baby? Is it going to be gone?" Widow Liu gave Su Xi-er a ruthless look even as she lamented. This time, I must have Su Xi-er meet her demise!


"Tao-er, how are you feeling? Is your stomach hurting a lot?"


"I'm going to losing my baby, no more…" Widow Liu wept and hinted for someone to report this to the magistrate office so that she could have Su Xi-er arrested.


Zhang Zhuang came back to his senses and immediately requested for someone in the crowd to report this to the magistrate office, but there was no willing volunteer.


Su Xi-er coldly smiled as she took two steps forward. "There's no rush to go to the magistrate's office. Why don’t we first take a look if the baby is still intact?"


No one had expected Su Xi-er's words. Everyone had expected her to be terrified or delighted, but nobody thought she would be concerned!


Luckily for Widow Liu, nobody noticed the immediate change in her expression at Su Xi-er’s words.


Su Xi-er then spoke up again. "Is there anyone here who runs a clinic? Could you examine her first and check if the baby is still intact."


Two people immediately made themselves known once she spoke, claiming that they were physicians. Apparently, one of them was Liu Quan, the renowned Physician Liu[1] in Moon County.


Su Xi-er was in no hurry and gave way to the physicians. Pointing at Widow Liu, she requested. "Would the two physicians please take a look at this widow and see if her child is still intact?"


As a physician's job was to save lives, Physician Liu didn't think much of it and raised his hand, wanting to feel Widow Liu's pulse.


However, as though Widow Liu had seen something terrifying, she slapped the physician's hand away. "No! I don't want to see a physician."


Zhang Zhuang didn't know what was wrong with Widow Liu either. He hurriedly reassured her. "Tao-er, why not just let the physician take a look to see if the baby is fine?"


"I don't want to!" Widow Liu was determined not to hold her hand out.

1. Take note that this ‘Liu’ is a different surname from Widow Liu’s.

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