Zhang Zhuang hurriedly comforted her, "Tao-er, don't you worry. I'll only love you in this lifetime; I'll never fall for another woman again."


Even so, Widow Liu was not pacified and let out a cold snort. "You better know your place. I will break your leg if you fall for someone else!"


Hearing her words, the man trembled and instantly became listless.


Su Xi-er was correct in saying that men were all the same. Widow Liu clearly knew that Zhang Zhuang chose her because of her background, and that this was why he would do anything to please her. If he found a wealthier woman there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t have a change of heart.


Su Xi-er couldn't help but laugh as she looked at the both of them.


Widow Liu was already looking visibly upset, but was thoroughly anger by Su Xi-er's laughter. "What are you laughing at? Bitch!"


"Who is bitch talking about?"


"You…" Widow Liu was smart to cut herself off, unwilling to risk responding any further. Instead, she directly resorted to trying to slap Su Xi-er’s face.




Someone from the crowd let out a gasp in fear. They felt that the lady who stood up for Née Li would definitely be struck by Widow Liu.


Slap! The crisp sound of flesh meeting echoed over the crowd.


Everyone looked up and saw that Su Xi-er had grabbed Widow Liu's wrist.




Su Xi-er looked at her with a smile and said, "All you have is your stinky money, yet you are still so arrogant. You aren’t even pretty, and once a wealthier woman comes around, your situation won’t be any better than this madam here. Perhaps you would end up even worse!"


These words were like poison needles that stung Widow Liu's heart. She was humiliated and furious, but found that she was out of options. This woman's strength is great enough to hold me in place.


Without eliciting a response from Widow Liu, Su Xi-er directly shoved her backwards. Widow Liu leaned backwards and stumbled a few steps back. 


Just like how she looked at Ning Anlian back then, Su Xi-er coldly looked down on the arrogant woman before her. The latter had acted as if she was a supreme being high up on a pedestal, regarding all those beneath her as insects. 


They think they're great, but they're actually just throwing their weight around.


Zhang Zhuang was furious when he saw that Widow Liu was shoved. "How dare you hit her?" He then approached Su Xi-er, attempting to strike her.


However, he had only taken two steps before he felt his knees go limp, causing him to kneel down to Su Xi-er.


Everyone was stunned by his actions.


Su Xi-er chuckled. "Oh, big brother, why are you kneeling before me? How could I accept such a grand greeting?"


"You…" Zhang Zhuang wanted to stand up but his body was devoid of strength. "What did you do to me?"


"Nothing!" Su Xi-er's eyes were bright without a hint of deception. "Perhaps you feel that you’ve done too much wrong towards your wife, and now you’re repenting?"


Before Zhang Zhuang could speak, Widow Liu hollered out, "Zhang Zhuang, you better explain yourself clearly!"


"Tao-er, it's not…"


Su Xi-er interrupted Zhang Zhuang. "What do you mean by ‘it's not’? You have clearly recognised your own mistakes."


"I…" Zhang Zhuang only felt that his throat was hoarse and dry, unable to produce any sound. All of a sudden, something struck his chin, causing him to nod in pain. To everyone else though, it looked like he was silently agreeing.


"Big brother, you are together with Widow Liu because you actually covet her family's wealth, right? If her family became poor, wouldn’t you immediately ditch her?"


Zhang Zhuang wanted to shake his head, but he felt a pain at his chin again, and nodded without rhyme or reason.


Widow Liu couldn’t see his expression while standing behind him, but him nodding twice had greatly infuriated her.


She suddenly rushed over and hauled Zhang Zhuang up by the collar., questioning in fury, "What did you just say? You are just after my family's wealth? Damn you!"

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