With a mob mentality in full play, the expressions on both Widow Liu and Zhang Zhuang's expression instantly changed, and they were rooted in place.


Widow Liu was also not a simple person to deal with. Even though those around her constantly hurled insults, she never once thought of slipping away. Instead, she glared fiercely at those who were throwing the rotten vegetables.


Immediately, the people throwing vegetables stopped in fear of retaliation.


Seeing that she had achieved her intended purpose, Widow Liu then shifted her gaze and glared at Su Xi-er. Freeing herself from Zhang Zhuang’s hold, she stepped forward until she stood directly in front of the other woman.


She smiled sententiously, looking at Su Xi-er with arrogance. "Oh, who is this? Why are you busying yourself with someone else's business? Are you not aware of your standing?"


Any ordinary woman would have been sent scurrying by her words. Su Xi-er, however, was anything but a normal woman.


Su Xi-er raised an eyebrow, watching Widow Liu with a mocking look in her eyes. "You would know my standing later."


"Miss, please leave. This is my family’s matters, and I don't wish to implicate you." Née Li tried to persuade Su Xi-er, her hands desperately trying to push the latter to leave as she was afraid that Widow Liu would harm Su Xi-er. 


But Su Xi-er disregarded her words. "Ma’am, I'm fine. If a person without any sense of shame or guilt can be this arrogant, I must speak out for you and seek justice."


"Ha… how high-sounding, do you know who my brother is?"


"Does it matter who he is? Could it be that you want to suppress me with your authority?" Su Xi-er’s frigid aura, along with the fact that the clothes she was wearing were not those of a commoner, caused Widow Liu to begin to second guess herself. 


 From the clothes this young lady is wearing, it doesn’t look like she’s from an ordinary family, and that accent of hers doesn’t sound like she’s from Moon County either.


But as the saying goes, ‘a mighty dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts’. Widow Liu was considered an influential figure in Moon County. Her elder brother worked in the magistrate office, granting her family an untouchable status in Moon County.


Although Widow Liu felt that Su Xi-er was not a commoner, she couldn’t see any aids that might have accompanied the latter. She's presumably just the young miss of a wealthy family in another county who has secretly sneaked out to play.


Going under this assumption, Widow Liu felt that she didn’t need to be afraid of a witless young girl. "Miss, if I were you, I would have long scrammed. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you end up dead later."


Widow Liu was particularly arrogant because in addition to her brother, her family’s business selling grain, oil, and rice was doing exceptionally well.


It was due to this backing that others could only talk about her behind her back, despite the fact that she had seduced a married man as a widow. They didn't dare to talk about her in her face, much less try to assist Née Li.


"So, what are you going to do if I don't leave?" Su Xi-er asked, holding onto Née Li and helping her up. She comforted the latter, "Ma’am, don't you worry. This woman is clearly a thick-skinned vixen. You must know that if your husband can betray you for her money, he can do the same to her when he finds an even wealthier woman! She also wouldn’t be any better!"


Although Su Xi-er’s eyes were on Née Li when she said these words, it was essentially targeted at Widow Liu.


Widow Liu's countenance changed instantly, her face turning black with fury. "What did you say?"

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Cosy

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"Do you know who my brother is?"

Cosy: Do you know who she is? As the saying goes, "Knowing the real enemy is half the battle". Widow Liu is doomed for it for picking a fight not knowing who she is up against xD

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