“Isn’t that Widow Liu?” The middle-aged man standing beside Su Xi-er exclaimed. “It’s her, she was the one who seduced another’s husband.”


Su Xi-er heard it. So, she is the widow who snatched someone else’s husband.


Widow Liu sashayed forward and latched onto Zhang Zhuang’s arm in broad daylight.


She glanced at the child nearby with disgust before shifting her gaze to Née Li. She spoke with a smile, “You are so ugly, yet he tolerated you for such a long time. You should already be contented with that, but now he’s mine.”


Having said that, Widow Liu covered her mouth and laughed as if she had gained the world’s greatest treasure, and was deaf to the curses and swears of others.


“You bitch!” Née Li’s face was pale, but she still lashed out through her gritted teeth.


You are the bitch!” Zhang Zhuang rebuked his wife. The way he looked at his wife was nothing like the deep feelings a husband and wife should share. Instead, they were more like enemies, as though his wife had impeded his bright future.


Having the man back her up, Widow Liu got even bolder, no longer afraid of drawing the crowd’s ire.


She said to Née Li, who was on the ground. “You have no idea, do you? We have already been together three years ago. The baby in my stomach now has just reached three months old.”


Immediately, there was an uproar.


To think that Widow Liu is so shameless. She didn’t even hold back after her husband’s death, hooking up with another woman’s husband, and even getting pregnant to boot!


Su Xi-er glanced at Née Li who remained a sorry plight on the ground, then at the proud Widow Liu. All of a sudden, her thoughts drifted away.


I remember someone saying something similar to me before.


“I induced an abortion three times for Yun Ruofeng! I’m pregnant now. I can finally keep this child!”


Ning Anlian was just like this widow: able to arrogantly hold their heads high after shamelessly stealing away someone else’s things.


Unfortunately, it seemed that Ning Anlian had a miscarriage. Otherwise, the news would have spread long ago. Can this be understood as ‘there’s no escape from the sins we commit’?


Looking at the confrontation between both sides, the official wife was like thrown away rags, while Widow Liu became the sweet pastry Zhang Zhuang held in his hands.


Without speaking a word, Su Xi-er picked up three pebbles from the ground. With a flick of her finger, the rocks flew towards Widow Liu’s knee, wrist, and ankle.


Widow Liu let out a cry and knelt down all of a sudden. Zhang Zhuang, who was standing by the side, immediately supported her and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”


Widow Liu's expression changed. She looked around, but saw nothing.


She took a glance at Née Li, the latter slowly trying to stand up. She sneered before changing her expression and saying coyly, “It’s nothing. Maybe it’s the baby moving? This child is sure making things hard for me at such a young age.”


Su Xi-er could no longer hold it in and coldly remarked, “What a shameless adulterous pair. This is the first time I’ve seen someone so boldly admitting to adultery in public, and with a pregnancy as well. Aren’t the both of you afraid of others’ whispering voices? If I were the one who did such a shameless thing, I would have banged my head against the wall and just died. Perhaps things would have been fine if they remained behind closed doors, but here you are on the main streets, presenting it to the entire neighbourhood. Do you know what shame is? Is your skin really that thick?”


Su Xi-er carefully helped Née Li stand up as she spoke, glaring at the cheating couple opposite them.


With Su Xi-er opening the floodgates, people in the crowd also started pointing and hurling insults at them, hoping to drown them in their spittle.


This was especially true of the married women who looked down on someone like Widow Liu, a married woman who was conceited to a fault just because her husband’s family had some wealth. They hurled even more vicious insults, hoping that the adulterous pair would dig a hole in the ground and crawl off in shame. Some even picked up rotten vegetable leaves from the floor to throw the leaves at them.

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