The little flower child started to run away, her laughter carrying the sound of bells.


Yun Ruofeng heard the laugh and felt that it was both familiar and unfamiliar. Ning Rulan’s laugh was also as clear as a silver bell, or the sound of a river.


Su Xi-er caught the reminiscent look in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. Is there anything for him to remember? She snorted to herself before hanging the flower basket on his arm. “Many thanks to Prince Yun, but this servant can’t accept your gift. Please enjoy your stroll in Moon County.”


She left immediately after speaking, leaving Yun Ruofeng to watch her departure as images of Ning Rulan inexplicably filled his mind. Gradually, he became certain that it was Su Xi-er’s appearance that had caused his recent obsession with Ning Rulan.


Are the heavens playing with me? Ning Rulan is already dead, but now there is a woman who is so similar right in front of me. Is that a reminder to me?


The smile around Yun Ruofeng’s mouth disappeared. When he saw Su Xi-er about to turn into another street, he quickly followed.


The soldier from the Prince Yun Residence who was secretly hiding in the dark was baffled. What’s wrong with Prince Yun? He’s acting strangely. Is it because of Prince Hao’s maidservant?


Just as Su Xi-er turned into another street, she heard some soft footsteps behind her. At the same time, Yun Ruofeng’s gentle voice could be heard.


“Su Xi-er, why does this Prince feel like you are hiding from me on purpose?” He raised a hand to grab her arm.


Su Xi-er’s body turned to dodge before turning around, her expression distant. “Of course I am avoiding you. As the Prince Regent of Nanzhao, what would it look like if Prince Yun continues to relentlessly chase after a maidservant from Beimin?”


Yun Ruofeng started for a moment when he heard the words ‘relentlessly chasing after’, before returning to normal.


I’m lucky that this is a small alley removed from the main road. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable if the civilians find out that I, Prince Yun of Nanzhao, was relentlessly chasing after the maidservant of Prince Hao of Beimin. This will definitely be huge news that will spread to all four nations.


“These flowers are gifts from this Prince. Since I have already given them to you, they are yours now. Take them.” Yun Ruofeng passed the flower basket to her as he maintained the gentle smile on his face.


“If Prince Yun gifted this servant a dagger or a white silk cloth[1], do I still need to accept them? Just because they were gifted by Prince Yun?” Su Xi-er’s expression was indifferent, and her tone was icy cold.


The hand Yun Ruofeng used to hold the flower basket froze along with his expression. Dagger? White silk cloth? What is this woman thinking in her head? How can she be reminded of the two weapons from these flowers? I can tell by her eyes that she is heavily biased against me.


Suddenly, he became bewildered. Why is she looking at me with those eyes? Could it be that I have met this woman before?


“You are looking at this Prince with eyes full of hatred. Has this Prince met you before?”


Su Xi-er smiled brightly. “Prince Yun, this servant has always stayed in Beimin, how could I have come to Nanzhao to meet with you? As for the hateful look, this servant doesn’t understand what you’re talking about. Are you expecting a woman to hate you, Prince Yun?”


Her words were like ice-cold daggers that stabbed into Yun Ruofeng’s heart. His breathing was slow to the point that it had almost stopped. Su Xi-er’s gaze is similar to Ning Rulan’s gaze in my dream.


Su Xi-er saw that Yun Ruofeng looked distracted again and found it strange. He shouldn’t be that kind of person.


A moment later, Yun Ruofeng chuckled. “Su Xi-er, has Prince Hao told you that you are audacious with your glib tongue?”

1. In ancient China, daggers and white silk cloths are used by people to commit suicide. When a dagger or a white silk cloth is given to someone, the person receiving it is expected to kill or hang themselves as punishment.

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