Uncle Zhao was shocked by the words that pelted out of the employee’s mouth. He immediately checked Pei Qianhao’s expression and found him calm, without any change in mood.


Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao and figured that it was best to keep silent for now. He isn’t in the mood for me to interfere, and I can’t guess what he’s thinking either.


After a moment, Pei Qianhao agreed softly, “That’s right, I have decided to stay because I want to catch a view of Prince Yun while he is here in Moon County.”


At this moment, his gaze turned to Su Xi-er. “Don’t you think so?”


Su Xi-er showed a deferential expression. “Young Master, feel free to stay if you wish to. We will leave all the decision to you.”


Uncle Zhao felt that the two were getting acting strangely. Why can’t I seem to follow their conversation at all?


“Follow me to Flowers Arrive Inn. We will collect the Lingrui another day.” Pei Qianhao then walked out of Zhao’s Flower Shop.


Su Xi-er smiled at Uncle Zhao. “Our Young Master has always had an unpredictable mood and a bad temper.” She followed after Pei Qianhao, leaving Uncle Zhao and the shop assistant stunned.


After Su Xi-er walked out of Zhao’s Flower Shop, she didn’t see Pei Qianhao anywhere. He walked so quickly. Where did he go?


On the side, the imperial guard informed her, “Prince Hao left without using the horse carriage, so you won’t be allowed to use it either. In any case, I will be parking the carriage at the Flowers Arrive Inn, but you will have to walk there.”


The imperial guard jumped onto the horse carriage, driving away without another word.


The horse carriage is free, but I can’t use it just because Pei Qianhao didn’t. Su Xi-er was a bit despondent.


It wasn’t Su Xi-er’s first time in Moon County. She had actually been here twice when she had still been Ning Rulan. Besides several shops opening and closing because of people settling down or passing away, there wasn’t much that had changed.


She knew where Flowers Arrive Inn was; it wasn’t far from Zhao’s Flower Shop.


She looked around as she walked. When she had almost reached Flowers Arrive Inn, a little flower child blocked her way. “Big sister, please buy a flower. This beautiful Lingrui flower will make you look even prettier if you put it in your bun.”


The voice of the little flower child was young and innocent. She looked at Su Xi-er with a sweet smile, and a pair of small, sparkly eyes.


Su Xi-er patted her head. “How much is the flower?”


The little flower child smiled. “It’s not expensive; it’s only five copper coins. If you buy all of them, it’s less than a tael of silver.” 


Su Xi-er had five copper coins in total. The little flower child’s asking price was already higher than the normal cost of Lingrui.


“Big sister, just buy one. If you buy one, I’ll give you a Magnolia Coco flower for free.”


“Sister doesn’t have a lot of silver, so I’ll just buy one Lingrui.” Su Xi-er took out five copper coins as she spoke, ready to pass them to the little flower child.


Yet, at this moment, a long arm blocked her, a man’s clear voice sounding out. “I will buy all of your flowers with two ingots of silver. Take it and give all the flowers to this big sister.”


Su Xi-er was alerted by the familiar, gentle aura. She stepped back. “Prince Yun, if you want these flowers, this servant will not fight with you.”


“You are not this Prince’s servant, so there’s no need to call yourself a servant.”


The little flower child heard the words ‘Prince Yun,’ and her eyes shone even more. She was too young to understand anything about power and nobility, only seeing that Prince Yun’s smile was gentle and he seemed easy to get along with.


As a result, the little flower child immediately passed the flower basket to Su Xi-er and took the two ingots of silver from Prince Yun. “Thank you, Prince Yun. Big sister, you are very beautiful, and go well with Prince Yun.”

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