Su Xi-er immediately looked at Pei Qianhao. Would he tell the shop owner that he’s staying in the capital’s posthouse in the capital, even if it reveals his status? With how rarely anyone important visits Moon County, the news will probably scare him.


At this moment, however, a shop assistant ran into the shop, his expression both excited and frightened. “Uncle Zhao, guess who is here at the Moon County? It’s an important figure you would never expect!”


The shop assistant was so excited that he had completely forgotten that there were still customers in the shop.


Uncle Zhao apologised to Pei Qianhao in embarrassment. “Sorry sir, this employee has always been like this. He likes to make a fuss, so please don’t mind it.”


After he finished talking, Uncle Zhao glared at the little shop assistant. “What important person could have come to Moon County? We’re only a small county on the outskirts of the capital. Apart from flower shop owners from the capital who visit to buy things here, who else…”


The shop assistant immediately interrupted him. “It’s a really important person this time. I was stunned when I heard it, but it’s true. It’s Prince Yun! Prince Yun is here in Moon County!”


This was big news. Uncle Zhao was more shocked than excited, and his expression froze. He only recovered from his stupor when the shop assistant patted him a few times.


Uncle Zhao stuttered, “Prince… Yun? Came… to Moon County?!”


“That’s right, he just arrived in Moon County and found an inn to rest. So many women who were working in the flower fields ran over to look at him! I just saw him as I was coming back; you should go too! This is an immense honour for Moon County!”


Su Xi-er stood on one side quietly, her expression unchanging. Yun Ruofeng hasn’t fully recovered, yet he is coming to Moon County? What is his purpose? I won’t believe that he’s come to buy pots of flowers for the state banquet.


At this moment, Pei Qianhao’s cold gaze landed on Su Xi-er. The chilly aura around him could’ve frozen the air.


Noticing that the atmosphere around them had changed, Uncle Zhao and the shop assistant immediately returned from their stupor. They didn’t know why, but the hair on their bodies was standing up. This customer in front of us...


Suddenly, the atmosphere became a little strange.


Su Xi-er quickly broke the silence. “The Lingrui flowers have been moved, and were paid for with silvers. Let’s prepare to leave. Owner, we don’t need the employee from your shop to deliver them. We will take them ourselves.”


Pei Qianhao looked at her and his gaze became even deeper. We only have one imperial guard to take the wooden handcart to the capital city. Who is going to drive the horse carriage? Does it mean she will sit in the horse carriage while I drive it?


This woman is so audacious, making decisions by herself. With Yun Ruofeng here, there is no need for me to hurry back to the posthouse. Although Moon County is small, there is still much to see that can’t be found in Beimin.


It is a different country, with different people. If I am here, then I should observe it properly.


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and instructed Uncle Zhao. “No need, remove all the Lingrui flowers from the handcart and look after them for a few days for me. I will collect these them in a few days when I leave Moon County.”


Uncle Zhao’s mouth was wide agape. Moving them onto the handcart and then take them off again? Why does he suddenly want to stay at Moon County?


The shop assistant next to him had an idea and immediately understood. Due to his young age, he had quickly recovered from being stunned by Pei Qianhao’s cold aura.


The shop assistant laughed. “Is it because you heard that Prince Yun is here that you wish to stay behind to take a look? No problem, I will guarantee that your Lingrui flowers will remain safe with us. Prince Yun is at the Flowers Arrive Inn, the larger among the two inns in the county.”

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