When she heard the word ‘uncomfortable’, Su Xi-er understood. He opened up his robe slightly to be more comfortable. What a hobby, he just does what he wants.


The imperial guard driving carriage was fast on the way back. It took four hours to get to the flower fields, but slightly more than two hours to return.


When the horse carriage arrived, Uncle Zhao was moving the flower pots that contained the Lingrui flowers. When he saw the carriage returning, he put down the pot in his hand and smiled brightly.


Pei Qianhao alighted the carriage and took one look at the Lingrui flowers before immediately saying, “I’ll take all the Lingrui flowers available in the shop.”


Uncle Zhao was baffled. Why does he want so many Lingrui flowers? He asked me if they could be transplanted to other nations before, proving that he didn’t know much about Lingrui flowers. He must be from another nation.


Does he want to try and transplant Lingrui? When he thought of this, Uncle Zhao immediately informed him, “According to what I know, no one has been successful in transplanting Lingrui. Sir, you…”


Before he finished talking, he was interrupted by Pei Qianhao. “Just focus on selling them.” He put emphasis on each of his words.


Hearing this, Uncle Zhao didn’t say anything else and instructed the shop assistant in the store to count the number of Lingrui flowers.


After that, Pei Qianhao instructed the imperial guard to get a wooden handcart and start loading the potted Lingrui into it.


“Sir, Lingrui isn’t expensive. All of these will only cost five taels of silver. If you bought them from other countries, even fifty taels of silver wouldn’t be enough.” Uncle Zhao delightedly told him while he collected the silvers from the imperial guard.


Su Xi-er looked at the handcart full of Lingrui and grew increasingly perplexed. He is definitely not buying all of this to make fragrance powder for the body. As long as these flowers can be successfully grown on a large scale in Beimin, they will be harvestable twice a year for their petals. The resulting medicinal powder can be used for the soldiers, and will save a huge amount of expenses for Beimin.


Back when Nanzhao was in a state of civil unrest, there was no time for anyone to think about growing Lingrui. Now that the nation is in a time of peace, Yun Ruofeng wouldn’t even think about something like this.


Only Pei Qianhao had enough attention to detail to notice such a thing at a single glance. This man is simply too frightening and unpredictable.


When Pei Qianhao noticed the look in Su Xi-er’s eyes, he hit her head again. “You had such a silly look on your face before, and now you are doing it again. When you go back, kneel as your punishment.”


Just a few simple words indicated that Su Xi-er would soon receive punishment. She retracted her gaze, ignored his words, and asked, “Young Master, there are so many flowers in this shop, so why did you buy Lingrui?”


Pei Qianhao looked at her casually. “There are so many flowers, but you spent the most time on Lingrui.”


On the side, Uncle Zhao was bewildered. Are these two master and servant? Why is the master buying Lingrui for his maidservant? Does the young master like his maidservant?


Su Xi-er spoke again. “If it is really because this servant likes Lingrui, then you shouldn’t have bought so many. One pot would have been enough.”


“I’m not using your silvers to buy them, so why are you saying so much nonsense? After we return, you can look at them any time. Put them in a row, and you can even make a Lingrui flower bed with them.”


When the imperial guard heard this, he almost lost control of his emotions. However, he forcefully held himself back in the end. I was just berated by Prince Hao. I need to be serious, and I definitely can’t laugh.


Uncle Zhao laughed awkwardly and deferentially said, “Sir, all the Lingrui has been loaded onto your handcart and paid for with silvers. If you don’t live far from Moon County, our little shop can send a shop assistant to deliver them. Where do you stay?”

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