Having been taken advantage of, Su Xi-er no longer wanted to stay in Moon County, despite the beautiful Lingrui flowers and memories.


In complete opposition, Pei Qianhao looked refreshed. He had forgotten all about being slapped and called a ‘little bitch’ by Su Xi-er. Even the perpetual coldness that surrounded him had been replaced by a warm and gentle aura.


The imperial guard who waited outside of the flower field was dumbfounded when he noticed Pei Qianhao’s mood. What did His Highness do with Su Xi-er in the flower field? He came back rather happy, but was Su Xi-er part of it?


Once he came upon this theory, the imperial guard heaved a sigh of relief and smiled for a while. Su Xi-er finally understands to not provoke Prince Hao anymore, and has started to please him.


When Su Xi-er saw the guard’s joyful gaze directed at Pei Qianhao, she couldn’t help but look over as well.


The scene was a bit funny. The imperial guard was smiling and looking at Prince Hao, while Su Xi-er looked at him in confusion; all the while, Pei Qianhao was emanating an aura of warmth.


Feeling that something was amiss, the warm aura around Pei Qianhao immediately disappeared, replaced by his usual cold indifference as he glared at the guard. “You have been at the Prince Hao Residence for a long while now. Does this Prince need to teach you how to stand and wait? Take away that silly smile.”


The imperial guard immediately stowed away his smile, his heart pounding in his chest. “Prince Hao, forgive me. This subordinate will not dare in the future.” He silently cursed at himself as he begged for forgiveness. Why am I so stupid? We imperial guards all know Prince Hao’s personality well, yet I was still so stupid!


After Pei Qianhao lectured the imperial guard, his gaze turned to Su Xi-er and saw her looking at him in puzzlement.


When he saw her looking at him, he suddenly remembered being slapped and called ‘little bitch’ by her again. Pei Qianhao felt displeased and raised his hand to hit her lightly on the head. “You are starting to be silly too; you deserve to be hit.”


The imperial guard on the side was frightened. Who knows how hard he hit her just now? I just praised Su Xi-er for understanding the situation, but now...


Pei Qianhao hadn’t put any force into the hit, and Su Xi-er didn’t feel any pain. She was just shocked by his sudden move.


She didn’t want to explain, much less tell him what she was thinking, so she simply said, “This servant knows my mistake.”


Pei Qianhao saw that she didn’t explain herself and snorted. “Go to Zhao’s Flower Shop.” He then got on the horse carriage.


The imperial guard’s face was still shaken, but Su Xi-er’s expression was normal.


When she sensed the imperial guard’s fear, she smiled at him. “Drive the carriage well, and don’t think about other things.” She then followed Pei Qianhao onto the carriage.


The imperial guard organised his emotions before jumping onto the driver’s seat, raising his whip as the carriage began to move.


When Su Xi-er entered the horse carriage, she chose to sit in the spot furthest away from Pei Qianhao. This time, Pei Qianhao chose to stare at her instead of resting with his eyes closed.


He revealed little emotions through his expression, making it tough to read his thoughts.


“Sitting so far away? Are you scared that this Prince will eat you?” Pei Qianhao removed his gaze, though a glint of playfulness danced across his eyes. Leaning against the wall of the horse carriage, his slightly open robe made him look both lazy and devilish.


His robe was fine when he was outside, how did it open up in here? Su Xi-er looked puzzled. Did he loosen and open up his own robe when he entered the carriage?


“This Prince won’t eat you. It’s uncomfortable to do so in the horse carriage, and this Prince never does uncomfortable things.” Pei Qianhao chuckled before closing his eyes.

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Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


“This Prince won’t eat you. It’s uncomfortable to do so in the horse carriage, and this Prince never does uncomfortable things.”

Rakumon: Oh no, what if it isn't in the horse carriage... ><