The leader of the beggar thought carefully and answered truthfully. “There are quite a lot, but we have already discussed and made a plan. To avoid people discovering us, there is a rotation of six people who will come each day.”


After Yun Ruofeng heard this, he handed the beggars a few ingots of silver with a smile on his face. “Take these to buy some good food and new clothes. After that, you should immediately return to where you should stay.”


A glint of light flickered across the beggar’s eyes when he saw the silver, and he immediately took it. “Thank you, gentleman.”


Yun Ruofeng turned around. A glint of coldness flickered across his eyes, and he softly instructed one of the carriage drivers. “Strictly comb the city for beggars, and remove any who are pretending to be peddlers. Add more food for those who have been moved, and give some meat to them periodically in addition to porridge. If there are more people sneaking out, kill them with no mercy.”


At this point, Yun Ruofeng looked over at the six beggars who were now far behind them and continued. “Instruct the person-in-charge to kill those six beggars who sneaked out today for stealing silvers.”


That way, there will be no beggars who dare to sneak out again. There can’t be a single beggar in sight during Nanzhao’s state banquet. Once the banquet ends, however, I will open up the food storage and put them to work.


I don’t believe that I can’t govern a nation without the new policy or Ning Rulan.


The imperial guard didn’t speak, but he didn’t leave either. He just looked at Yun Ruofeng. Are we really going to kill those six beggars? This… isn’t this too cruel?


“Still not going?” The soft words flowed out from Yun Ruofeng’s mouth.


The imperial guard immediately heeded the order and walked in the direction of where the beggars were.


Now there was only one imperial guard left to drive the carriage, and he stood on one side. Prince Yun is kind and has never killed a single innocent person. Why would he kill those pitiful and harmless beggars now?


Yun Ruofeng boarded the carriage to wait after giving his orders, furrowing his brows as he began to think.


Pei Qianhao agreed to come to Nanzhao this time because he has his own motives. With this being the first year that I, Yun Ruofeng, am acting as Prince Regent, he has undoubtedly come to scope out my abilities. He wishes to know if I can govern a nation well, or whether I am only good for leading armies.


Although I have already proven my abilities as a general, to Pei Qianhao, and perhaps even the crown princes of the other two nations, I am inferior to even a woman at governing. Of course, this woman is Ning Rulan.


She is already dead, but her halo of brilliance is still present. This halo however, is casting a shadow over me. To dispel such thoughts, Nanzhao must only become better under my rule.


Yun Ruofeng thought about the dream he often had again. Dreams come from the heart or because of something that I’m seeing every day.


Who could remind me of Ning Rulan? When he thought about it, Yun Ruofeng’s eyes darkened. It’s Su Xi-er, Prince Hao’s maidservant.


I could feel how different that woman was at first sight. The aura around her, her responses and her casual gazes, all of them are so similar to Ning Rulan.


After spending so much time with Ning Rulan day and night, he understood her well. That was why he was so surprised and curious when he had first seen Su Xi-er. 


Just as he was about to sink deeper into his thoughts, the voice of the imperial guard sounded out. “Reporting to Prince Yun, the six beggars have been beheaded for stealing silvers. When the other beggars found out, they were all stunned. No one will dare to sneak out after this.”


“Mmm, good job. Drive the horse carriage forward.” Yun Ruofeng gave his orders softly.


The two imperial guards immediately jumped onto the horse carriage and headed to Moon County. Although they didn’t know why Prince Yun suddenly wanted to go to Moon County, they thought of the former as the heavens, and someone to be worshipped in their heart. 


If Prince Yun ordered us to go to Moon County, there must be a reason. We just have to comply with the orders.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


Prince Yun is kind and has never killed a single innocent person. Why would he kill those pitiful and harmless beggars now?

Rakumon: That’s because you have never truly known who he is