Facing the sun, Pei Qianhao’s long eyelashes would cross together whenever his eyes narrowed, exuding a strange sort of charm. For the most part, women couldn’t help but be mesmerised by such a thing.


But Su Xi-er could only recall nightmarish scenes of the past when faced with such a sight. As more and more memories flooded into her mind, her expression suddenly changed, and she couldn’t help but struggle even more violently.


The increased contact of their robes made Pei Qianhao take a deep breath, “Don’t move.”


Su Xi-er actually did stop moving, but she opened her lips and asked, “Please let go of this servant, Prince Hao.”


“I’m telling you to not move.” Pei Qianhao’s aura was imposing, and against all odds, Su Xi-er stopped moving.


All of a sudden, his face inched closer to hers, their eyes locked together.


“What are you look…”


Su Xi-er swallowed the rest of her words. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to continue, but that her mouth was suddenly obstructed...


Su Xi-er hit Pei Qianhao’s chest, struggling and protesting, but the other party pretended not to notice. When she finally parted her lips to take a breath of air, he took the chance to invade her territory.


Su Xi-er would’ve chopped Pei Qianhao into eight pieces if she had the strength, but now she could only let him kiss her!


After a long while, Su Xi-er felt that she had died and come back to life. Her face was flushed, though it was uncertain whether it was out of fury or embarrassment.


The moment Pei Qianhao let go of her, Su Xi-er swiftly hit him in the chest, sending his unprepared self reeling back a few steps before stopping.


Su Xi-er stared at him with wide eyes and cursed under her breath, “Rascal.”


In contrast, Pei Qianhao calmly watched her without a hint of guilt over what had just happened.


His eyes were hazy as he stared at Su Xi’er slightly swollen lips, and he slowly made his way over.


“Don’t you come over!” Su Xi-er ordered.


“Why can’t this Prince go over?” Pei Qianhao retorted.


Su Xi-er was stumped. “This servant…”


Unexpectedly, she was unable to answer at the moment. Disregarding this, Pei Qianhao had already walked past her and headed deep into the flower field, leaving Su Xi-er behind as she watched his back.


What a great Pei Qianhao! You took advantage of me and are still acting like that’s the way it ought to be! Though she was furious from the embarrassment, Su Xi-er still trailed after him.


While Pei Qianhao was reminiscing about the experience and looking forward to the next, the faraway Prince Yun Residence had already asked for an imperial physician to re-examine Prince Yun’s injury. 


The imperial physician had just seated himself and took Prince Yun’s pulse when the latter anxiously asked, “How is this Prince doing?”


The imperial physician paused for a moment before he answered, “Prince Yun, you are no longer in a serious condition. The remaining venom has been cleared, and you will soon be able to fully recover once the wound closes. During this time, you can go out and walk about to aid in your recovery.”


Yun Ruofeng seemed to be very satisfied with the imperial physician’s diagnosis and nodded. “Alright, this Prince understands. Someone, come and send the imperial physician back.”


After the imperial physician left, Yun Ruofeng called out again, “Someone, prepare the horse carriage!”


He was preparing to go take a look at Moon County. As for his purpose in going there? He had no clue either.


It wasn’t long before Prince Yun boarded the horse carriage and ordered the imperial guards, “Set off.”


The imperial guards bowed and answered deferentially. “Understood, Prince Yun.”


The guards set off as soon as the order came. Left alone in the carriage, Yun Ruofeng’s eyes became clouded with a hidden purpose.


Heeding the orders of Yun Ruofeng, the pair of carriage drivers chose a quiet and secluded street, slowly driving towards the city gate.

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