Moon County. Inside Zhao’s Flower Shop.


Uncle Zhao carefully watched the two people behind him as he walked. I can’t afford to slight these important guests! 


The two were now in front of the Lingrui flowers, where clusters of the yellow star-shaped flowers were blooming in flower pots.


Uncle Zhao pointed at the flowers. “Customers, there aren’t many Lingrui flowers in this shop, but these are the few pots that I have. There are many more planted in the fields by the gardeners. In fact, these Lingrui flowers are much better viewed in the field. They will look like stars in the night sky, glimmering brilliantly in the night. ”


Uncle Zhao sighed as he was talking. “Lingrui flowers are not expensive and they can survive easily in Nanzhao. They are tolerant to both cold and hot temperatures, but must be aerated, otherwise they will die.”


Su Xi-er didn’t listen to Uncle Zhao’s words and just stared at the Lingrui flowers in front of her. Every one of these yellow flowers are so beautiful. My mother gave them the name ‘Weiyi’...


Pei Qianhao’s gaze followed Su Xi-er’s and landed on the Lingrui flowers in front of her.


He pointed at the Lingrui flowers and asked Uncle Zhao. “Is it certain that these flowers will not survive if transported outside of Nanzhao?”


Uncle Zhao saw that Prince Hao was handsome and articulate while possessing the aura of an emperor, so he didn’t dare to be careless.


Uncle Zhao muttered to himself as though he was thinking very carefully.


After a long while, he replied, “Actually, it’s not certain. There are a few important parts to growing Lingrui flowers; first is aeration, second is the special soil of Moon County, and the third is the water. All the water in Moon County is from the Moon Lake, and there is a very old legend about the Moon Lake.”


Uncle Zhao talked non-stop and told them about the legend. 


Back then, the Moon County was a very poor place with a lot of famine and poor people around. It was said that this was due to the County Magistrate offending a heavenly fairy, who then brought such misfortune upon the county. Other than bringing poverty to Moon County, there was even a massive flood that destroyed the fields, leaving everyone to flee or starve to death.


Afterwards, a beauty suddenly came to the Moon County, the hem of her dress full of flowers. It was said that any flower from her skirt was bright and beautiful, never wilting even if picked.


She was merciful and pitied the people. Being able to practice medicine, she helped treat the people of Moon County. Everyone knew her as a goddess.


After that, the goddess told the civilians that they needed to plant flowers. Trusting in her words, the civilians began to plant all types of flowers.


The civilians lived through the famine and gradually became richer. The flowers that they grew were also different than those in other places. Each flower was delicate and beautiful, and no matter its colour or type, it would be first-class.


When it was time for the civilians to thank the flower goddess, she had disappeared, and no one had ever seen her again.


Later, it was said that someone saw her on the Moon Lake. She was just floating in the air lightly and looking down at the civilians of the Moon County.


Some said that the flower goddess was from the Moon Lake, and returned to protect it. The news that flowers from Moon County were the most beautiful had only grown over the years, and now everyone was aware of it. 


When Uncle Zhao finished telling the legend, everyone had a different expression each.

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